Your organization’s documents and files are essential to your business, but they can also be difficult to manage, track and store. Filing cabinets, bankers’ boxes and piles of papers are taking up valuable space within your office – and for what reason?

Most workplaces fill storerooms, empty offices and overflow areas with documents that they don’t need regular access to, but must keep for a certain amount of time. This not only has serious privacy implications, but it’s a poor use of office space, which is only growing more expensive over time.

Record-keeping problems also arise when documents are mismanaged and disorganized. If employees are wasting time searching for files stored across the office, they can’t effectively manage retention schedules, and will have difficulty remaining compliant with government record-keeping requirements.

Leave Your Records Management Needs to the Experts

A more efficient, cost-effective and secure solution to managing files on your own is long-term off-site document storage with a records management service. By working with a provider, you’ll free up valuable office real estate for revenue-generating activities, while ensuring that your documents are organized, tracked and managed along the way. When employees need access to physical files in storage, scan-on-demand document scanning provides near-real-time access to information, so you are never more than a click away from retrieving critical records.

Boxes of files unorganized in store room

Why Use a Records Management Service with Scan-on-demand?

By working with a records management service offering scan-on-demand document retrieval, your organization can:

  1. Maintain government record-keeping requirements
    Unlike employees who have job responsibilities to fulfill, a records management provider’s primary role is to support the processes required in managing information throughout its entire lifecycle while meeting business and legislative requirements. This includes creating and maintaining an efficient system to manage current document inventory, retention schedules and authorized access to confidential information. Once documents reach the end of their lifecycle, a professional records management service can ensure proper destruction to optimize space usage and cost-effective storage going forward.
  1. Stop wasting money to store paper records that nobody needs
    While it may seem economical to store records in-house, it does cost more in pricey office real estate, storage supplies and labour to keep unneeded documents on-site. With a records management service, your files are relocated to a secure off-site storage facility, allowing you to maximize office space for revenue-generating activities or to reduce operating costs. Since you only pay for each box stored, a records management program is an affordable long-term solution that effectively controls storage costs by managing document lifecycles for you.
  1. Keep important documents secure and accessible
    Storing confidential information within the workplace increases your organization’s risk of a purposeful or accidental information leak. However, a records management service ensures that your documents are managed by fully trained security representatives in climate-controlled off-site storage facility with around-the-clock surveillance and strict security protocols. When remote and on-site employees require access to physical records in storage, scan-on-demand document scanning provides quick and efficient electronic file retrieval within hours.

Improve Your Document Management with Blue-Pencil

At Blue-Pencil, we provide long-term records storage for sensitive documents to help you save money, maximize space and remain compliant with government record-keeping requirements.

To learn more about our records management services, including scan-on-demand, contact our team for a free quote.