Fast digital access to physical files in storage

Scan on Demand Document Scanning is faster, less expensive, and more secure than managing it all yourself

Avoid the high cost of digitizing

Scanning all your documents, whether you need them or not is expensive. Only digitize the documents you need while having quick, digital access to all that are being securely stored.

Free up employee time

Free your staff to work on higher value activities. On-site and remote employees can securely view a digital copy of key physical documents in storage within 2 hours

Increased efficiency & productivity

Reduce the time it takes to locate and retrieve records. Plus, no need to re-file them which saves you time.

Get total control over access to sensitive documents

Ensure that only authorized employees have access to sensitive documents to maintain security, access control and government record keeping requirements.

Setup is simple

Have our professional archiving team help you get set up quickly and easily with a Scan on Demand program. From indexing to quickly accessing your files, we can help every step of the way.

Why Blue Pencil is the Best choice for Scan on Demand


  • Industry Expertise
    With over 15 years of experience, take advantage of our highly secure personnel, processes and facilities
  • Increased Security
    Established security protocols processes not typically in place in most businesses
  • High Level of Data Transmission Security
    Protocols in place to ensure the highest level of security when scanning and transmitting your documents
  • Exceptional Customer Service
    Taking care of you is our number one concern
  • Privacy+ Certified
    We are the only privately owned Canadian document storage facility that is PRISM plus certified

How it works

Securely view your paper documents digitally in a few simple steps

Request the documents needed

Using Blue-Pencil's online portal, request the document you would like scanned from the documents you have stored with us.

Documents are retrieved and prepared

Our team carefully retrieves the barcoded box, locates the files needed, then prepares, and scans the documents.

Securely receive digital documents

You receive the digital documents. Easily view, download and share the documents requested. Access at any time using Blue-Pencil Plus+

Documents returned to storage

After scanning, we return the document to its original storage location or securely destroy it (with your permission of course)

Ready to get started?

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