Complete destruction of media and hard drives

We shred hard drives, backup tapes, optical media, CDs, and more on a regular basis

Booking is quick and easy

During your first phone call, our dedicated consultants will discuss your requirements, provide pricing, and book your service date. Depending on your location, your information could be destroyed as early as the next business day!

State of the art equipment

On-site high-speed cross-cut shredders destroy hard drives and data to 5/8″ so that it can never be retrieved or reconstructed again.

Service during your business hours

We service customers between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. You will receive a call 1 hour before the service truck arrives at your location.

Why Blue-Pencil is the best choice for Hard Drive Destruction

  • Fast, Efficient Service
    In a rush? We can service you as soon as tomorrow
  • Data Security at Every Touchpoint
    Hard drives serial number tracked from pickup to destruction
  • Mobile, On-site Data Destruction
    Your data is destroyed before we leave your building
  • Fully Bonded and Screened Document Security Representatives
    Your e waste is in safe hands
  • NAID AAA Certified Process for Hard Drive Destruction
    Our strict process ensures your information remains safe

How it works

Hard Drive Destruction Service completed in a few simple steps

You contact us

Contact our dedicated consultants to discuss your data destruction requirements and schedule your service.

We arrive on site

On your scheduled service date, our Document Security Representatives collect your secure data and destroy it right in the truck.

You receive a certificate

Once complete, our representative will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction complete with scanned serial numbers.

We recycle

Your material is securely recycled.

Get a quick personalized quote

Absolute security and 100% destruction completed on a one-off or scheduled basis.

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Have more questions?

Learn more about our hard drive and data destruction services

  • What types of digital media can you destroy?

    At Blue-Pencil, we regularly destroy many types of data and e waste across Toronto and Southern Ontario:

    • Hard Drives
    • Backup tapes
    • Optical media
    • Mobile data devices
    • Magnet hard drive
    • And anything else you can think of
  • Why Choose Blue-Pencil to destroy your hard drives?

    Blue-Pencil takes secure data destruction seriously and guarantees secure physical disposal of your most confidential materials using:

    • Instant, on-site high-speed shredding
    • Hard drives and media destroyed cross-cut to 5/8″
    • Serial numbers scanned and recorded on the certificate of destruction
    • Video recording available
    • Fully bonded and screened technicians
    • Environmentally responsible disposal
    • NAID-certified process (National Association for Information Destruction)
  • What is hard drive destruction?

    It is likely that your computer’s hard drive contains significant amounts of personal or confidential business information. Keeping your personal information stored on your hard drive safe and private is important. However, most people replace their computers every 4-5 years.  When it’s time to replace your computer, hard drive destruction is one of the best ways to ensure your information is appropriately removed.

  • What is the hard drive destruction process?

    There are many different methods of how to destroy a hard drive. At Blue-Pencil, the shred hard drive process is completed on-site at using our mobile hard drive shredder which is in our trucks.

    We scan and document all hard drive serial numbers prior to data destruction.

    Blue-Pencil is NAID AAA Certified for all hard drive shredding and digital media destruction services.

  • What Is A Hard Drive?

    It is likely you have heard the term “hard drive,” but do you know exactly what it is or what it does on your computer? The hard disk drive, often shortened to just “hard drive” or “HD,” is usually the largest data storage device component of your computer. The hard drive is a hardware – meaning it has it physical component you can actually see, touch, and remove from your computer.

    Hard drives store almost everything on your computer, including your operating system, most software, and most of your files. Even when your computer is powered off, your hard drive holds on to all of the information you have stored on it.

  • Why Destroy A Hard Drive?

    Unfortunately, simply deleting all of your data off a hard drive and throwing it out is not a safe solution. Data can be still be recovered even if you have deleted it. That’s why it is important to properly destroy the actual physical hard drive. Your hard drive may be storing significant amounts of information you do not want others to get a hold of. Information such as:

    • Your name, address, date of birth
    • Bank numbers and information (if you’ve used online banking)
    • Credit card information
    • Business information or files you’ve saved on your computer
    • Online shopping or social network information
    • Personal photographs

    Though you may believe you have properly wiped your hard drive, there is software available that makes recovering data easy for cybercriminals and identity thieves. If you are throwing away your old computer, you should ensure the hard drive has been wiped and then destroyed.