Top 5 Options For Offsite Storage For Files In Ontario

Choosing how and where to store important company documents can be a challenge. With the many storage options currently available, it’s sometimes hard to wade through so much information! This article helps break through all that information and provides the pros and cons for the most common options for offsite file storage in Ontario. For more information on offsite file storage and records managementcontact Blue-Pencil now!

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What Types Of Files Should I store Offsite?

Because offsite storage is a great option to keep your files secure and confidential, sensitive company information such as company records, tax information, employee information, and other confidential company documents and records are all candidates for offsite file storage. However, you can choose to store any type of documents offsite. Storing records offsite, no matter what type of document, helps keep your files organized and safe from harm, so you can rest assured that all important information is there when you need it.

Top 5 Options For Offsite Storage For Files In Ontario

Choosing the right file storage option for you and your business is important. Offsite storage offers many benefits including safer and more secure storage, better document organization, and freed up space in your office. Different options offer different levels of convenience, security, and features. This section outlines each option and will help you decide which office storage option is right for you!

Secure Document Storage

Secure Document Storage

File Security Rating: ★★★★★
Convenience: ★★★★
(depending on your location)

Storing your important files with a secure document storage/records management company is a great way to know that your files are safe and protected. A secure facility is a great choice if you need to store sensitive information. Most records management companies will provide options for both small and large volumes of data, ideal for businesses of all sizes or businesses that anticipate growth. Blue-Pencil also allows emergency retrieval and delivery, so you can access your documents when needed in case of an emergency.

However, depending on your location, retrieving your documents from a secure facility may be a bit of a drive. Because secure documents storage programs are highly specialized and one of the most secure options, these services may cost more upfront. However, knowing your confidential documents are secure and monitored 24/7 will help give you peace of mind and can even cost less in the long term, as you will not have to continuously look and pay for new security solutions.

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Rental Space

Rental Space Units

File Security Rating: ★ – ★★
Convenience: ★★★★

If you are looking for a simple way to store your company records offsite, some small businesses choose to work with a rental space such as a public storage facility. With a public storage facility, you can choose the size of space to rent from small lockers to spaces that resemble a small office! You can also choose exactly how and where you want to organize your files.

However, rental spaces, even the most secure rental spaces, are not made for document storage. Filing highly sensitive company information in a public storage building may be risky. However, if you just need the extra space for older documents or less important files that still must be kept on record, a rental space could work for you. Keep in mind you will also have to purchase the appropriate filing unit and organize and maintain your files without any professional help.

Bank Safe Deposit Boxes

Safe Deposit Boxes At Banks for file storage

File Security Rating: ★★★★★
Convenience: ★

Safe deposit boxes are a highly secure way to store important documents in an already secure setting. Safe deposit box fees are often paid annually and are fairly cost-effective. Using a safe deposit box, you know that your items are safe from natural disasters and accidents such as fires (however, it is important to find out if your safe deposit box is insured or if you have to pay an extra fee for insurance).

Safe deposit boxes, though secure, and usually quite small in size. According to Personal Finance Guide, most safe deposit box sizes begin at 3×5 inches and only go up to 15×15. That means there are significant size limitations. A safe deposit box is a good choice only if you need to store a small number of documents. Another downside to the safe deposit box is the hours of operation – most only allow access during bank hours, which may mean (depending on your bank) you only have access to your important files from 9 – 5 on weekdays.

Storing at Home (or another location)

Storing At Home (Or Another Location)

File Security Rating: ★
Convenience: ★★★★★

Note: Depending on your business, storing at home may be a liability issue or against company policy. It is important to understand all company policies and review the pros and cons before choosing to store documents at home.

Storing your business files at home (or another offsite location you access regularly) is one of the most convenient offsite storage options. When storing at home, you can dedicate a small filing cabinet to your records, or convert your whole basement or attic into an at-home storage facility. When storing in your home, you have full control over your files and can access them at any time you need.

However, storing at home can be risky. If you choose to store your sensitive files at home, it is a good choice to ensure you use highly secure storage options like a personal safe or heavy-duty filing cabinet with a lock. It’s also important that you have backup plans in case there is a flood, fire, or another emergency. Storing at home can be good for the short-term if needed, but if your business is growing and you need to keep employee records safe, it is recommended you consider a safer storage option.

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage For files

File Security Rating: ★★★
Convenience: ★★★★★

Cloud storage is a good way to keep records backed up and safe in case of an emergency. Many see cloud storage as one of the perfect document storage solutions for small businesses due to its versatility and ease of access. It also allows users to share needed documents seamlessly and find their important documents whenever needed.

Still, many people use cloud storage in addition to other secure storage methods – not just on its own. There is also some debate over how secure cloud storage truly is, especially with the increase of cybercrime over the last few years. According to a New York Times article, cloud storage is a lot more secure than most people think. However, as with any information put online, there will always be the potential for security risks.

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