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Paper Shredding Services – The Takeaways And Experiences From Customers

In this article, we look at what customers are saying about Blue-Pencil paper shredding services and the things we can take away from it.  Click here for a free information security audit.

This video illustrates what clients can expect when working with Blue-Pencil:

Customers Voice Acclaim for Blue-Pencil

We take a close-up look at the most recent customer experiences Blue-Pencil clients have had, starting with the lowest ranked rating to ensure we cover the bases. Each review will be accompanied by a takeaway that helps readers understand what Blue-Pencil is all about. Feel free to review our customer review list here.

shredding services feedback is importantSima Writes, Blue-Pencil Listens

They went fast, efficient, courteous, just one small recommendation: 1. Plastic containers can’t take to much abuse/rough handling! On performing their job….They didn’t completely remove the cover before emptying contents into their blue-pencil bin. ONE COVER GOT SLIGHTLY DAMAGED from the hinges….NO BIG DEAL….But these are the small things that take off points from a “great job”. Here they lost two stars…. I believe I am making them a good review…I want them to become the very best they aspire to be in life.

Takeaway: Blue-Pencil takes customer satisfaction and feedback very seriously. The team works regularly at improving their process and skills, providing an open door policy for customers along with an annual feedback process lead by the chief executive himself.

bullseye shotBarbara Impressed by Flexibility and Communication Delivered

Service was outstanding.  They provided a 3-hour time frame so I could plan my day, plus they called 1 hour in advance of arriving.  Technicians Adam and Lenny were professional and efficient.  All was done at a very reasonable price and I highly recommend this company.

Takeaway: Our team understands there are sometimes very few ‘typical’ days . Blue-Pencil works with you to determine the timing and extent of shredding service that is a fit for your organization at the best value. Whether clients are interested in a tailored or speed service, Blue-Pencil hits the bullseye.

Vanessa Recognizes the Efficiency of the Team

The service was quick and efficient. In total, the process took about 5 minutes (from the time they arrived, until they drove away). It was easy and stress-free. Adam H. and Lenny were professional and polite. Would use service again in the future.

Take away: Blue-Pencil offers quick and precise service, allowing for rapid destruction of sensitive documents while allowing your team to focus more time on doing what is central to their role.

Brenda Knows Blue-Pencil Takes Care of  Customers

We are a small company and had not used shredding services in 15 years. I wasn’t interested in going with “THE BIG GUYS.” I found Blue-Pencil Shredding through our friend “GOOGLE.” Size did not matter to Blue Pencil…they treated me like we were number one! I highly recommend this company.

Take away: Blue-Pencil offers a differentiated service, doing what is right for the customer and taking the time to understand underlying challenges rather than just showing up to collect boxes. Our team looks at how Blue-Pencil can help you maximize your shredding service by providing employee training so that clients get the most value out of their shredding service.

Tips on Getting the Most Out of Your Shredding Service

Here are some helpful pointers for utilizing a shredding service.  For those looking for the best way to choose a service provider, see here.

  • Provide convenience for your employees by offering central drop-off locations or multiple drop-offs within a floor, covering major workstation areas
  • Ask your service provider to offer information security training so employees know what and when to dispose of documents
  • Keep on top of increasing fee schedules by reviewing invoices and payments periodically
  • Confirm  holiday shredding schedules so as to avoid disposal backlogs
  • Determine whether your service provider conducts annual background checks on service agents

An upcoming case study will demonstrate the interest Blue-Pencil takes in doing what is right for their customers.

Don’t Just Shred It

Blue-Pencil focuses on end-to-end security with document disposal and shredding services, allowing your company to continue operating without hassle while being assured that confidential information secured against access by unauthorized parties. With  resounding acclaim, Blue-Pencil is your best bet for compliance sanctions and competitive positioning through information management and shredding disposal.

pipeda-compliance-info-destruction-1Proven service provider of shredding and non-paper product destruction
pipeda-compliance-info-destruction-1Focus on delivering compliance while managing organizational efficiency
pipeda-compliance-info-destruction-1Proven systems and methodology for managing information retention schedules
pipeda-compliance-info-destruction-1Training, resources, and support for your staff to become adept at information management
pipeda-compliance-info-destruction-1High standards in information destruction services with NAID AAA and Privacy+ certification

Blue-Pencil is an information security company that has been serving the needs of clients in Canada since 2004. Our customers have given us tremendous support, helping us achieve near full-star rating on Google Review, totaling 50+ reviews. We have grown our document security business over the past 10 years, serving more than 6,000 organizations including small and medium-sized companies as well as Fortune 500 businesses. We have expanded our business to include our new Documents Storage and Records Management division and Document Imaging and Scanning Solutions division. This allows us to offer full spectrum, comprehensive solutions for information security management. We service the GTA and surrounding cities –  click here for a full list of our service areas. If you’d like to learn more about us and what we can do for you, contact us today!