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Oakville Shredding Service


Oakville is a suburban town in southern Ontario located halfway between Toronto and Hamilton, and one of the most densely populated areas of Canada. An Oakville shredding service like Blue-Pencil is beneficial as the city is home to many manufacturers, educational institutions, healthcare providers and financiers. Get the shredding service that keeps getting better; Blue-Pencil helps clients stay at the forefront of information security and cost savings. Give us a call today!


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Oakville Shredding Service

How an Oakville Shredding Service Works

Step 1

Blue-Pencil’s Office Shredding Program begins with a full assessment of your current policies and procedures for security, legal compliance, and cost efficiency.

Once we have determined what can stay and what can go, a security console will be delivered to allow for the safe deposit of your most confidential documents that are to be sent for shredding.


Simply deposit your documents into the security consoles, and the rest is on us!

Step 2

We will work with you to set a collection schedule that works best for you and your business. At the appointed time, we will come to your facility and collect the material from the security consoles.

Please note: all of our Security Representatives are highly skilled and trained in the safe handling of your confidential materials.


Step 3

Your confidential information is securely transported to our mobile shredding unit, where it’s destroyed right in the truck by an industrial shredder. This means that your documents never even leave your property –  you can watch the whole process!


Step 4

Once all of your documents have been shredded, we provide you with a Certificate of Destruction. It is issued immediately after each service.


Step 5

When you shred with Blue-Pencil, you can feel good knowing that you are helping the environment! All of the shredded material is recycled at the end of each day into reusable household goods. You can learn more about our environmental program here.


Help the environment with an Oakville shredding service.


Why You Need An Oakville Shredding Service

On top of a growing residential population, Oakville is home to a large number and wide array of businesses, including Blue-Pencil’s head office!

Big or small, all businesses and most residences have in their possession certain documents that should be shredded for a variety of reasons. These types of records include, but are not limited to, the following categories:

  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Academic
  • Personal

We not only offer our full range of services and to our business clients, but our convenient location in Oakville allows residential clients to drop off their personal documents for secure shredding.

Blue-Pencil is committed to providing service excellence in paper shredding services, as well as non-paper shredding for hard drive destruction, e-waste recycling and product destruction.

We also offer services such as documents storage, records management, and document imaging and scanning solutions. These services allow us to offer full circle, comprehensive solutions for information security management.


Blue-Pencil’s head office is located right in the heart of Oakville.


Shredding Is Important Because Privacy Matters

Canada privacy laws for businesses and corporations are summarized by PIPEDA (the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act). This act outlines rules for organizations regarding personal information that businesses are required to follow, and a big part of PIPEDA revolves around the proper destruction of personal and confidential information.

Under Schedule 1, 4.5.3: “Personal information that is no longer required to fulfil the identified purposes should be destroyed, erased, or made anonymous. Organizations shall develop guidelines and implement procedures to govern the destruction of personal information” – PIPEDA Act – Justice Laws Website

If you don’t have a shredding program, you’re at risk of information leaks or even cybersecurity breaches. Failing to comply with PIPEDA can result in audits, enforced compliance agreements, or even litigation.

Records or documents that contain confidential information should, therefore, be securely stored. When no longer in use, these records should be properly disposed of in the most secure manner possible to ensure compliance.


Secure information destruction protects you from privacy law infringement.


Need an Oakville Shredding Service? Trust Blue-Pencil!

Blue-Pencil helps empower Canadian organizations and citizens to reach new heights with a friendly and efficient shredding service. Customer service is not only a slogan, but something we practice by investing in our strategic partners.

Located in Oakville, we have grown our document security business over the past 10 years, serving more than 6,000 organizations across Ontario, including small and medium-sized companies as well as Fortune 500 businesses.

“After years of searching for an information security company that we could trust, we have been more than pleased with the service provided by blue-pencil. They have always been punctual, reliable and communicative. Our service tech Adam H is polite, jovial and efficient. The professionalism and care he provides to keeping our disposal secure is greatly valued. Adam’s smiling face is always welcomed in our office!”

– Iolando Sardo, a Blue-Pencil Customer

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