With more employees working remotely – full-time or in a hybrid capacity – organizations now face a higher risk of security breaches.

Employees are no longer in the safe confines of the workplace where secure shredding services keep confidential documents safe. Instead, many are now working from off-site locations, including the home, coworking offices and public spaces, or on the road, where personal documents are highly vulnerable to identity theft, fraud and corporate espionage.

Privacy legislation also requires that businesses have company-wide policies and procedures for safeguarding confidential materials regardless of location. Companies are liable even when data breaches occur outside of the office and can face hefty fines for non-compliance.

Why Do You Need a Secure Shredding Service for the Home Office?

Home office paper shredders are inefficient because they can only shred a few records simultaneously. Your employees must also remove every staple and paper clip from each document, or they risk a frustrating jam. Since the entire process is time-consuming and inconvenient, employees are less likely to shred personal documents while working from the home office.

Additionally, most home office paper shredders can only shred documents into narrow strips, which can be easily reconstructed and used for malicious intents. Even when confidential documents are shredded but disposed of in an unsecured receptacle, such as a garbage can or recycling bin, they are still at risk of falling into the wrong hands.

When it comes to the most secure method of destruction, using a professional service is the gold standard. These paper shredding companies help businesses maintain a shred-all policy regardless of their workforce’s location and ensure that all documents are securely destroyed to keep sensitive data safe.

Why Use a Mobile Shredding Truck To Shred Confidential Documents?

Document shredding services use industrial trucks to shred confidential material at your premises, whether that’s the workplace, an employee’s home office or another location.

This method is a preferred option for many commercial and residential shredding customers because it is a convenient, reliable, efficient and affordable way to shred boxes of unwanted documents and protect critical information.

Visits can be scheduled to suit your shredding needs. Many paper shredding services offer businesses the convenience of different shredding options, including a one-time shred, weekly services or something in between.

Do Shredding Services Only Destroy Confidential Documents?

A benefit of working with a professional shredding service is the ability to destroy all types of confidential data. Many services can destroy digital media and e-waste, such as:

  • Hard drives
  • Backup tapes
  • Optical media
  • Mobile data devices
  • Magnet hard drives

These media types hold incredible amounts of sensitive data, including personally identifiable information, financial records, credit card information, business files, photographs and more.

Home shredding equipment simply isn’t capable of destroying digital media – and most do-it-yourself methods do not eliminate all information.

On the other hand, shredding services use professional-grade cross-cut shredders that can destroy a hard drive to 5/8-inch pieces, making data recovery completely impossible. To further ensure compliance with privacy laws, all hard drive serial numbers are scanned and documented before shredding.

At the end of the service, you’ll receive a Certificate of Destruction. All material is then sent to a secure facility for separation and environmental disposal to keep your organization’s data out of landfills and the prying eyes of identity thieves.

How Does The Mobile Shredding Process Work?

Here is what you can expect when working with a commercial or residential shredding service to destroy your documents for your organization or small business:

  • On your scheduled service date, an industrial truck will arrive at your workplace (or your employee’s home office or remote location).
  • A company representative will collect any boxes of documents or those stored in locked consoles and transport the contents to the waiting truck.
  • Confidential materials never come in contact with the company representative and are automatically lifted inside the truck by a hydraulic arm to significantly reduce any risk of identity theft, fraud or a breach. This ensures a complete chain of custody.
  • All sensitive documents are securely shredded into small cross-cut pieces using an onboard industrial shredder.
  • All shredded documents are mixed with shredded materials from other office and residential paper shredding customers, making it impossible to restore confidential business assets and personal information.
  • Since mobile services come to your place of business or your employees’ residential shredding location, the entire operation can be witnessed on a closed-circuit monitor for extra peace of mind and convenience.
  • With each secure shredding service, your company will receive a Certificate of Destruction to prove that the service was successfully completed and in compliance with privacy laws.
  • After the service destroys your paper and non-paper media, they will dispose of and recycle all shredding to reduce your company’s environmental impact.

Choose Blue-Pencil for Secure At-Home Shredding Services

Whether your organization has employees working remotely or you run a business from home, it’s essential to keep your sensitive documents secure. Blue-Pencil’s office and residential shredding services provide the convenience of onsite destruction, allowing you to securely destroy, dispose of and recycle confidential information at your workplace and employee off-site locations.

Choose from various services for commercial and residential shredding customers to keep your sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands. No job is too big or small! We offer one-time and reoccurring mobile shredding services for large organizations and small business owners, whether it is shredding boxes of paper records, computer hard drive devices, non-paper media and unwanted products.

We also provide a Certificate of Destruction at the end of every visit to guarantee a secure chain of custody and that your records and non-paper media were destroyed and recycled according to privacy laws.

To find out the benefits your business can achieve by using our cost-effective and reliable NAID AAA Certified secure shredding services, contact our customer service team to discuss your shredding options and request a free quote.

Before deciding to sign up for our destruction services, you can also take our quick Document Security Assessment to find your organization’s most significant gaps to avoid an information breach and protect your organization from fines for non-compliance.