Regardless of the industry or company size, information is a central component of every business and organization. However, as employees continue to create and collect data, keeping this information secure, organized and easy to access is a time-consuming process. Plus, there is the dilemma of where to store everything and for how long.

Whether your company is considering an in-house, cloud-based or off-site storage solution for your documents, having an information management system in place is essential.

Working with a records management company – like Blue-Pencil – can help you determine the best storage system for your paper documents and digital files to streamline your business, maintain security and compliance, and enhance employee productivity.

Why Is File Storage Important?

File storage is an important strategy for collecting, organizing, storing and protecting critical assets throughout their entire lifecycle. This business process is crucial to all organizations because it preserves data security while ensuring access to business information, allowing companies to make informed decisions, optimize operations and lower costs.

By storing documents in the workplace or online, information can go missing and is vulnerable to theft. In addition, other issues can arise, such as fines for privacy law non-compliance, reduced employee productivity and poor customer service.

For these reasons, many businesses partner with a records management provider – such as Blue-Pencil – for their professional off-site document storage services with the added benefit of physical and electronic retrieval.

What Are the Benefits of File Storage?

Choosing to store vital business documents with an off-site records management provider offers companies several key benefits:

1. Space Savings

Records, such as legal documents, patient files, financial information, employee documents and more, must be kept for specific periods. However, these paper files require storage space, and they accumulate quite quickly.

Instead of tying up expensive office space for keeping business documents, an off-site storage system frees up useable real estate for revenue-generating activities. Companies also avoid investing in costly supplies to contain and manage files, including cabinets, boxes and document racks. As more information is acquired, these storage expenses increase, while an off-site storage system eliminates them altogether.

2. Advanced Security

When documents are stored within the workplace, there is a greater risk of the files being misplaced by forgetful employees, stolen by malicious thieves or damaged by environmental factors.

On the other hand, record management companies provide around-the-clock security for sensitive files, including paper documents and electronic data. Only authorized and trained personnel can access stored business documents, and strict security protocols manage and track user access. File integrity is also ensured with proper climate control, fire protection and pest control measures to avoid damage from natural disasters.

3. Increased Employee Productivity

Imagine having to sift through stacks of paper in a storeroom or search through thousands of documents in cloud storage only to come up empty-handed. When businesses lack a proper records management system, staff members waste countless hours looking for information.

However, storing files in an off-site facility with a records management system helps employee productivity by providing quick and easy access to critical documents through physical retrieval and electronic means. Without having to search, file, re-file and organize vital records, staff can focus on their job responsibilities to impress clients and grow the business.

Most importantly, users can view information whether they are working in the office or another remote location, which is essential in today’s hybrid work environment.

4. Improved Business Continuity

Records management is essential to ensure business continuity in times of crisis. Natural disasters, cyber-attacks, IT system failures and other emergencies test organizations’ resiliency to deliver products and services during a disruptive incident.

By working with a records management provider, companies have peace of mind knowing information is protected, accessible and safe in an off-site location. By having full access to business documents during a crisis, companies can also make critical decisions in challenging situations with greater confidence.

5. Enhanced Regulatory Compliance

When files are kept in the workplace or a cloud-based system and managed by employees, they are more likely to be forgotten or neglected, leading to serious regulatory compliance issues and substantial fines.

However, compliance-related issues decline when documents are stored off-site and managed by a provider. This is because records management professionals are knowledgeable about privacy laws and how they pertain to the management and accessibility of confidential information.

Unlike employees, records management professionals also receive ongoing training and are better equipped to oversee retention periods to comply with government regulatory requirements, maintain audit trails and avoid fines. Why burden untrained employees when you can leave it to the professionals?

Safeguard Your Business With Blue-Pencil’s Records Management Service

Enhance business processes, protect important files and save costly office space by choosing Blue-Pencil for all your company’s records management needs.

Our service provides small and large businesses with a long-term storage solution for sensitive files in a secure and climate-controlled facility with highly-trained records management professionals for complete peace of mind.

By working with us, your employees are guaranteed easy access to company information, no matter their location. Whether working on-site or remotely, authorized staff can access off-site documents kept in storage using a centralized online system to view inventory, create file reports, and so much more.

When employees require paper documents from storage, retrieval is only one click away. With our records management system, our team can deliver physical files to the workplace or another location, or documents can be scanned and sent electronically within hours with our scan-on-demand service.

Best of all, our records management services will save your organization money in labour costs and office space by storing and managing files for you. With pricing as low as a few dollars per box each year, our records management system is an affordable, long-term option for any business, no matter the size and industry.

Want to learn more about our records management services? Get in contact with Blue-Pencil for a free quote. Our team will review our secure storage processes and scanning solutions with you to help you make the best records management decision for your company.