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Etobicoke Shredding Service

Today, we’ll take a look at Blue-Pencil’s Etobicoke shredding service, and how it can help keep your business’ information safer and more secure.

At Blue-Pencil, we have served over 6,000 organizations across Toronto, the GTA, and beyond! We can help you take full control over your information security.

Let’s take a look at how Blue Pencil’s shredding services work. Let’s get started now!


How Blue-Pencil’s Etobicoke Shredding Service Works


Step 1 - Full Assessment

To get started with Blue-Pencil’s shredding service, our team of experienced professionals will first perform an assessment of your business.

During this assessment, we’ll take a look at things such as your data management strategies, security policies, and compliance with Canadian privacy laws and regulations.

This assessment will allow us to determine the best decisions for your company regarding an information management plan for your business. During the assessment, we’ll look at:

  • What documents and records can stay on file
  • What documents and records must stay on file
  • What documents and records are no longer needed
  • How often your information will be shredded

Once the assessment is complete, and you choose to move forward with Blue-Pencil’s shredding services, we will provide you with a security console.

The security console will allow you and your employees to safely deposit your confidential records. When it comes time to shred, your console will be securely picked up by our trained and professional staff.

Step 2 - Plan a Collection Schedule

A collection schedule makes sure that your documents are regularly destroyed. This is because most businesses – both large and small – tend to create significant amounts of documents, records, and files in a short period of time.

Blue-Pencil will help you determine a collection schedule that works best for your Etobicoke business. To determine the frequency of your collection, we’ll take a look at factors such as:

  • The size of your business (larger businesses tend to produce more documents – but that isn’t always the case)
  • The number of personal records you have on file
  • The number of confidential documents produced on a daily/weekly basis
  • Your unique wants and needs

Blue-Pencil will work closely with your company to create a schedule that works best for you. Once your collection schedule has been determined, pick-up will occur on a regular basis.



“Process was seamless and they worked to accommodate my timelines. Very pleased and would recommend this shredding service.”

– Diane C, A Satisfied Customer
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Click here to learn more about our privacy certifications and the extensive training that our staff go through to ensure the safety of your documents!

Step 3 - On-Site Shredding

The next step is the shredding! A Blue-Pencil Security Representative will arrive at your Etobicoke facility and collect the files, documents, and other materials (such as hard drives) from your security console.

This process ensures limited access to your confidential information. Only our professional and thoroughly trained Security Representatives will have access to the contents from your security console.



Click here to learn more about the benefits of on-site shredding for your business!

Step 4 - Certification

When using a secure shredding service, you want to know that your confidential documents have been properly destroyed and disposed of.

At Blue-Pencil, we want you to have peace of mind. We fully understand that your company, employee, and customer privacy is of utmost importance.

We issue a Certificate of Destruction after each and every shred to give you peace of mind that all your confidential records, documents, and files have been securely disposed of. You will receive this document as soon as the shredding is complete.


Why You Need an Etobicoke Shredding Service

Etobicoke is a city West of Toronto in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) with approximately 365,143 residents. Etobicoke is a hub for several expressways such as the 427, 401, Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW), and the Gardiner Expressway.

Being a part of the GTA, there are a number of businesses that call Etobicoke home and have their headquarters there, such as: Pizza Pizza, Sunwing Airlines, and formerly Skyservice and Canada 3000.

The construction industry in Etobicoke has also been booming, with a number of condominiums being developed along the lake.

In any city, many industries can generate a significant amount of confidential files, documents, and records on a regular basis. Some of these confidential documents include:

  • Financial documents
  • Property records
  • Legal documents
  • Medical records
  • Academic records
  • Personal documents
  • Customer records

No matter what sector you work in, your business can benefit from using a shredding service. Even small businesses can produce significant amounts of personal data that must be properly destroyed according to Canadian privacy laws (PIPEDA).


The Benefits Of Shredding With Blue-Pencil

When you choose to shred with Blue-Pencil, you can help ensure your customer, employee, and your business information is safe and secure. There are also other benefits as well, including:


Environmental Benefits

When you shred with Blue-Pencil, you are actually doing your part to help the environment too!

With Blue-Pencils Paper Shredding Tree Saving Program, for every 200 lbs of paper shredded, you save one tree. To date, that means over 390,000 trees have been saved!

We also ensure that all shredded material, including shredded paper and non-paper items, are recycled and processed into recycled paper products or energy.


Securely Destroy Non-Paper Items

Securely Destroy Non-Paper Items

Hard drives contain a significant amount of confidential information as well. You may not realize it – but it’s important to destroy your old hard drives along with your paper documents as well.

At Blue-Pencil, we can destroy old hard drives and other electronic devices with our advanced shredding machines designed to fully destroy sensitive electronic equipment.

Our e-waste recycling program is a highly secure and environmentally friendly option to help you safely get rid of old electronics.


Compliance With The Law

In Canada, businesses are required to comply with privacy laws. When you work with an information management company, you ensure that your business complies with these privacy laws (PIPEDA) in Canada.

In Canada, it is the responsibility of businesses to ensure the safe storage and eventual destruction of confidential information that is no longer in use. Failure to do so can result in legal action.

At Blue-Pencil, we can help you create an information management plan that complies with Canadian laws and makes it easy to destroy your documents when the time comes.

Contact us now to learn more!



Document Storage

Document Storage

While shredding is important for your company, it’s not the only thing you should be thinking about.


Document storage can help you keep your confidential records safe and secure while you still need to have them on file! For example, tax records must be kept on file for up to 7 years. However, they don’t need to take up important space in your records room or filing cabinets!

At Blue-Pencil, we offer a number of document storage and management solutions for Etobicoke businesses of all sizes. Some of these services include:

  • Long-term secure records and documents storage
  • Active file management (coded and indexed stored files available when you need them)
  • Vital records protection (secure, climate-controlled records storage with 24/7 monitoring for your most confidential information)
  • Online document management (locate records, request retrievals, and more all from the comfort of your own home or office)
  • Custom solutions (records management and consulting services tailored to your individual needs)

Document storage gives you the peace of mind that your documents are safe and secure. It can also help you save money – as storage space, or the need to purchase a larger building to facilitate more storage, can be costly, especially in the Greater Toronto area.



Document Scanning

Did you know that Etobicoke was first incorporated in the 1790s? It’s no wonder the city has a rich business history.

Older companies may have decades worth of records and documents. These paper documents may have become disorganized or overwhelming over time.

Your business may also benefit from document scanning services, especially if you are feeling inundated with too many paper documents and records.

Going digital is one of the best ways to organize your files and to keep them safer and more secure. Blue-Pencil’s Document Imaging & Scanning Solutions serves businesses of all sizes within Ontario – including Etobicoke! Click here to see how Blue-Pencil can help your business!




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