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Document Shredding Companies – Why Blue-Pencil Doesn’t Just Shred It

Many shredding service providers are overcharging companies for their service because they focus on transactional service rather than helping clients see and address strategic issues. Click here to get a free, no-commitment service quote.  Make the changes your business needs today with Blue-Pencil. Blue-Pencil not only helps clients shred it, but empowers customers to secure it. Reduce the risk of leaking confidential product development or client billing details that could irreparably harm your organizational profile. This article addresses the gaps in a “just shred it” mentality and why Blue-Pencil is your organization’s best choice for information security and peace of mind.

Blue-Pencil offers clearly priced document shredding, storage, and scanning services to businesses across the GTA. Here is a video highlighting the process of mobile shredding.

“I loved the service I got from Blue-Pencil. Fast, easy and no hidden fees. The technician’s name was Adam H. and he was very polite and professional. I’d definitely use their service again. Highly recommended!”
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What Clients Miss When They Just Shred It

Recognizing that shredding is simply one component of a records management strategy and information security best practice reveals the danger with a “just shred it” mentality. To illustrate concretely what we mean by dangers, in our case study when clients work with a narrow focus it could mean an annual loss of $20,000 a year. This figure does not include the reduction in productivity and information security program effectiveness. Here are a number of setbacks customers can expect when narrowly focusing on only one area of information security like shredding:

  • Declining customer service – a transactional shredding service limits the value of a partnership with an information security company, meaning clients receive less value from their vendor.
  • Under or over-utilization of service – without proper training employees are not aware of the vital documents they need to retain or dispose of, leading to misutilization of shredding services, meaning added costs or reduced effectiveness.
  • No focus on customer improvement – shredding services dispatch field workers to take and dispose of your documents without investing in your organization’s greater information management and security needs.  This means companies are getting transactions rather than value.
  • Lack of responsiveness  – just shredding it means that service vendors are only required to dispose of information, leaving customers to fend for themselves outside of this activity.
  • Lack of effectiveness – without clear knowledge of what to shred and what to archive, customers should be skeptical that they are truly receiving the business outcomes required to protect stakeholder and competitive information.
  • Costly invoicing errors – our competitors’ clients often suffer from invoicing errors because overall customer service is relegated to a secondary objective.

does my organization need a sensitive information destruction policy?
How to Tell You are Working with the Wrong Vendor

Here is how to spot when your service vendor is transactional, and consider switching to a business partner in information security:

  • Difficulty in reaching customer service – when your vendor contact isn’t responding to calls or emails in a timely manner this is a sure sign things are going off track.
  • Lack of training – some competitors discuss this as ease of use but without the proper training, your organization will not be positioned to achieve the full value of a shredding or document management service.
  • Absence of improvement initiatives – transactional service providers do not like to be held accountable to customer satisfaction metrics. If there aren’t any annual customer review initiatives along with tangible points for improvement, you can be certain you are being served by a “just shred it” provider.
  • What’s an account manager? – if this is the response you receive when you ask competitors who is looking into an issue you’ve raised, you know that the transaction-oriented service provider will not ensure representation of your organization’s needs as part of vendor priorities, leaving clients with the burden of having to advocate for themselves when new requirements or issues arise.
  • Confusing or ambiguous invoicing – if clients are in any way uncertain of the invoicing details received, this is another trademark example of a transaction-oriented versus a customer-oriented approach to service.
  • Rude on-site experience –  companies that are focused only on transactions are not concerned with rude or distracting behaviour from their service representatives.
  • Messy disposal area – the small details matter, and some competitors will not look after the cleanliness of your office space after picking up documents slated for disposal.

Information Security presents unique challenges to each organization and having done an extensive number of records program audits, Blue-Pencil’s team of experts can help you identify your points  of difficulty and lower your costs by helping you avoid unnecessary charges or program issues. Contact Blue-Pencil today to schedule a records management audit and performance appraisal of your existing shredding service.

Blue-Pencil is Here to Help Clients Get Value from Their Shredding Service

Having heard many concerning experiences from competitors’ clients, Blue-Pencil offers a way out of contract lock-ins and narrow transactional services that do not meet client needs or provide adequate value for their business.

When a vendor is narrowly focused on providing one service, it limits their ability to consult, train, and empower clients, losing sight of the customer value they bring. This means that the service vendor doesn’t really care about or prioritize your organization’s success. One of the points of difference in Blue-Pencil’s approach is to not only provide a service but to empower clients to fully harness the value of the service. Here is a video from NAID, an industry leader in standards and best practices on information destruction which we use to help clients make the most of Blue-Pencil’s service.

mobile shredding unfair feesBlue-Pencil Protects Clients from Non-Industry Standard Fees

Competitors often also levy fees as part of their transactional “just shred it” approach to serving clients. These fees are typically levied on customers that were previously with big shredding companies and felt obliged to continue using their services as annual rates increased and additional charges accumulated. Blue-Pencil ensures the best quality of services with competitive costs, without charging any of the following industry fees:

  • Minimum order fees – additional costs for a required minimum of boxes or weight of paper to be shredded.
  • Administration fees – this is typically a cost incurred by the vendor which is passed on to the clients.
  • Fuel surcharges – additional charges for distance of office to shredding depots.
  • Annual rate increases without communication – vendors often increase their rates without warning or communication.

Despite the additional fees, service is often sometimes interrupted during holidays. Clients often suffer because the vendor fails to communicate holiday and vacation schedules. Blue-Pencil helps companies reduce risk and unpredictability by prioritizing communication for success. Learn about  how your company can save monthly on shredding service by switching to a qualified customer focused records management service.

Blue-Pencil Offers a Cost-Effective Partnership in Information Disposal

Take the risk out of information leaks and under-performing vendors by allowing Blue-Pencil to offer a risk-free trial and to address your concerns. Clients can expect Blue-Pencil to look out for their best interests through regular customer satisfaction surveys, information security training, and regular background checks for on-site staff. These are just some ways in which Blue-Pencil offers best-in-class mobile shredding while ensuring the right services are provided at the right time. See here for our complete service area.


pipeda-compliance-info-destruction-1High standards in information destruction services with NAID AAA and Privacy+ certification
pipeda-compliance-info-destruction-1No hidden or obscure fees on invoices
pipeda-compliance-info-destruction-1Willing to invest in clients who have had poor records management or shredding services experience from competitors
pipeda-compliance-info-destruction-1Training, resources, and support for your staff to become adept at information management
pipeda-compliance-info-destruction-1Big-picture strategy and best practices to help business stay ahead

Records Management Services Guide
Don’t fall into the trap of “just shred it.” Learn and apply records management best practices with the records management services guide: