Shredding Services Milton

Destroy sensitive documents using Blue-Pencil's affordable shredding services.

One time shredding service

Best for a one-time need to destroy paper documents and digital media. This cost-effective service is the fastest and most secure way to shred unneeded sensitive information.


Ongoing Office Shredding service

Our most secure document destruction program. Blue-Pencil’s regular office shredding program destroys your information at your location on a pre-determined schedule.

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Residential Document Shredding

Safeguard your privacy with Blue Pencil's secure residential shredding services. Our convenient on-site and drop-off solutions guarantee peace of mind for your personal documents.

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Why Blue-Pencil is the best choice for Shredding Services Milton, Ontario

Blue-Pencil proudly serves thousands of clients in Milton and its surrounding areas.

  • Fast & Efficient Service
    In a rush? We can service you as soon as tomorrow
  • Mobile On Site Document Shredding Service
    Your information is destroyed before we leave your premises
  • NAID AAA and Privacy+ Certified
    Keeps you compliant with all data protection regulations
  • 100% Canadian
    Our company is owned and operated by Canadians

Milton Shredding Service – Step by Step Process

Step One – Contact our dedicated Document Destruction team to discuss your paper shredding requirements

Before we get started shredding your documents, it’s important that we ask some questions about your needs so we can serve you better.

By the end of a short phone call, we will provide determine whether our one time service is the best fit for your business or whether your office would benefit from a security console. The security console allows your staff to safely deposit confidential documents and records when they are no longer needed.

Step 2: Plan a Collection Schedule For Your Company

Secure shredding can happen on both an ongoing basis or a one-time basis. Since each business is unique, the frequency of collection will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • The size of your business (larger businesses tend to produce more documents – but that isn’t always the case)
  • The number of personal records you have on file
  • The number of confidential documents produced on a daily/weekly basis
  • Your individual wants and needs

Blue-Pencil works closely with you to help you determine a collection schedule that makes sense for your business, your employees, and your work schedule. After the schedule or shred date is set, we will begin shredding!

Step Three: On-Site Shredding Right At Your Facility

Our trained staff will arrive at your building and remove the documents that need to be destroyed. They are safely transported to our mobile shredding truck parked right outside your facility.

Once your confidential documents arrive at our truck, they are destroyed right in the truck, on-site by our highly trained, Blue-Pencil Security Representatives. You can even watch the process if you would prefer!

Step Four: We Give You a Certificate of Destruction

We understand that you want to ensure your confidential information stays confidential. At Blue-Pencil, we value the privacy of your business, your employees, and your customers.

That’s why after each and every shred, you will be issued an auditable Certificate of Destruction. After the shredding is complete, you will receive this document. This certificate provides peace of mind that all of your company’s private documents have been thoroughly shredded and securely disposed of.




Environmental Benefits For Your Milton Business

Milton is home to over 110,000 people and is quickly growing. As more people and more businesses call Milton home, it’s important to think about the environmental impact that growth will have on the town.

The good news is that when you work with Blue-Pencil, you also get to work towards a greener earth! With Blue-Pencil’s Paper Shredding Tree Saving program, all of your shredded documents are recycled into paper products or turned into energy. This means you get to keep your company’s information safer while helping the environment.

Not only that, but Blue-Pencil can also take care of your electronic waste such as hard drives! Shredded hard drives are sent to a facility for material separation and recovery. You can learn more about e-waste destruction and recycling here.

Blue-Pencil offers more than just shredding to businesses in Milton

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