If you have unwanted products, defective merchandise or recalled goods, tossing these materials into a dumpster may seem like a logical solution, but it can create lasting negative impacts for your business.

A more secure solution is hiring a professional Toronto product destruction service. Here are five reasons why:

1. Brand Security

Unwanted products that don’t meet your company’s quality standards pose a serious risk to your brand’s reputation, especially if they end up on the grey market. The grey market attracts shoppers with products at substantial discounts, but when merchandise is damaged, blemished or expired, consumers associate these sub-standard goods with your company.

Discarded goods that are recycled or thrown in the trash can also be intercepted by employees, waste management workers or individuals looking to turn a quick profit at your company’s cost.

The best way to protect your brand’s reputation is by having a certified product destruction provider shred or incinerate outdated packaging, contaminated goods or branded materials.

2. Liability Protection

Recalled, defective and expired goods, as well as pharmaceutical and medical products, pose a significant liability threat if they fall into the wrong hands. Consumers can get sick or injured if they use unsafe merchandise and these items may not meet regulatory guidelines in Canada, even if your company removed the product from shelves.

The number one way to erase any liability concerns is by having sensitive products disposed of by a destruction services provider.

Pharmaceutical product shredding in Toronto


3. Proprietary Information

Product test runs, trade secrets and prototypes stored on hard drives put your company at risk of theft or loss of revenue if they are leaked. Malicious competitors can take this proprietary information, recreate your product and steal your market share, which may severely impact your bottom line.

To prevent disclosure of confidential business materials, all electronics, hard drives, disks and films must be properly destroyed to eliminate a serious breach.

4. Regulatory Compliance

Privacy laws require Ontario businesses to destroy materials that contain personal information belonging to clients, patients and employees. If your company has unwanted products that may compromise confidential data, such as identification badges or uniforms, ensure they are properly disposed of to avoid hefty fines.

Regulatory compliance also extends to hazardous waste, toxic substances and recycling rules. Products including pharmaceutical waste, medical equipment and cosmetics should be properly destroyed to ensure compliance with federal and provincial regulations.

5. Complete Chain of Custody

When businesses take product destruction into their own hands, they lose control of the information lifecycle once the materials hit the dumpster or recycling bin. From here, it’s easy for criminals to seize branded products and merchandise to be resold for commercial purposes.

The only way to maintain control throughout the destruction process is by working with a certified product shredding service that can maintain a complete chain of custody. In doing so, you’ll have full peace of mind that your unwanted material goods are destroyed – often right before your eyes – to eliminate any possibility of a security breach. Before recycling, you’ll also receive a Certificate of Destruction to ensure that the process was completed in compliance with regulations.

Choose Blue-Pencil For Your Secure Product Disposal Needs

Whether you have recalled products, damaged goods, branded items or other materials, Blue-Pencil can securely destroy your unneeded products quickly and efficiently in an environmentally friendly manner.

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