From paper records to digital data, your business has sensitive information that must remain confidential. Improper disposal methods not only make your organization vulnerable to identity theft, fraud and corporate espionage, but you could face hefty fines for failing to comply with privacy laws.

Did you know that your company must also have written protocols outlining how information is securely disposed of at the end of its lifecycle? It’s true.

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Document Destruction is Your Best Line of Defense

Having a professional paper shredding and document destruction service eliminates any security and privacy compliance issues in relation to document disposal within your organization. However, not all services use the same destruction methods or follow similar protocols to keep your confidential information secure.

If you’re choosing between an on-site or off-site service for shredding paper or other media types, here’s what you need to know:

What are On-Site Shredding Services?

On-site or mobile shredding is a secure shredding process that destroys your documents on your premises. Locked consoles are conveniently located throughout your workplace for employees to store documents for destruction. On your scheduled service date, the bins are transported to a shredding truck outside your facility by an authorized representative. A hydraulic arm automatically lifts the consoles inside the truck where the contents are destroyed into small cross-cut pieces using an onboard industrial shredder. Secure destruction from start to finish. Your material is never directly handled by a technician and you can watch the entire process on the truck’s closed-circuit monitor. A Certificate of Destruction is also provided with each secure shredding service, ending the chain-of-custody at your place of business.


  • Risks of a serious security breach are greatly reduced since fewer people come in contact with your information.
  • All material is destroyed on your premises, ensuring a complete chain-of-custody.
  • Being able to witness the shredding process on a closed-circuit monitor adds an extra layer of security.
  • You’ll immediately receive a Certificate of Destruction to prove that the shredding process was completed and in compliance with privacy laws.
  • Shredded material can never be restored because it’s destroyed into small pieces and mixed with documents from other companies.
  • Locked consoles keep information secure until your scheduled service.
  • Highly trained, fully bonded document security professionals transport the consoles to a mobile shredding truck and never directly handle your documents.
  • All paper and media types, like hard drives and unneeded goods or products, can be destroyed at your location.
  • It’s an easy and convenient way to schedule and securely destroy documents, whether it’s a one-time engagement, shredding every week or something in between.
  • All shredded paper is recycled into a variety of paper products.


  • Mobile shredding is the most secure method of document shredding because your material is destroyed on your premises. As a result, it can be slightly more expensive than plant-based services.
  • A truck will arrive on a scheduled date and park in front of your facility where the document shredding services will occur. For businesses in high-congestion areas with minimal parking, this may be problematic.

What are Off-Site Shredding Services?

Off-site or plant-based shredding is a process that destroys your documents at a facility. A service provider will arrive at your location, pick up your documents and place them in a truck to be hauled away where they are unloaded, sorted and held until they are ready to be destroyed.


  • It’s a quick and efficient process since the documents are collected at your location, then sorted and shredded at another facility.
  • Without the need for a specialized truck that shreds paper, hard drive devices and other media types on your premises, off-site document shredding providers often have lower operating costs and service fees.


  • Since the shredding of paper is handled in a warehouse, you can’t witness the process to confirm your material has been destroyed.
  • Plant-based paper shredding services have a longer chain-of-custody with more points of contact, which increases your risk of a security breach.
  • Trucks travel to many locations and they can break down, get into accidents or get broken into, which puts your un-shred papers at risk.
  • Material is sometimes hand-sorted before it’s destroyed, which can lead to identity theft, fraud or other negative outcomes.
  • Confidential documents can sit for hours, days or weeks before they are shredded.
  • If a Certificate of Destruction is issued upon completion, there will be a delay in receiving your certificate.

Protect Your Private Information with Blue-Pencil

At Blue-Pencil, our NAID AAA Certified mobile shredding services make it easy and convenient to destroy your confidential material. Whether you need a one-time shred or a regularly scheduled service, our highly trained and fully bonded professionals will come to your location and securely destroy your materials as you watch. We’ll also issue an immediate Certificate of Destruction to ensure compliance with privacy laws.

Blue-Pencil helps thousands of the Greater Toronto area businesses shred their private information each year and protect it from a security breach.

To learn more about our paper, hard drive and digital media destruction services, contact our customer service team for a free quote.