Every day, in businesses all over Canada, millions of confidential documents are created. How you dispose of these company documents could put your business at risk.

Here’s a fact, in 93% of Canadian companies, employees dispose of information and confidential documents improperly, even though they have shredders or use a 3rd party shredding service.

Even worse, most don’t have document destruction protocols that comply with Canada’s Privacy laws and that’s led to a 70% increase in security breaches in the last 5 years!

Don’t let your business be part of this statistic!

At Blue Pencil, our unique document destruction program starts by providing your employees an information destruction policy to follow, and shredding compliance video training, so they know exactly what to do every time they have documents for shredding. This makes you compliant with Canada’s privacy laws.

The document destruction process is simple, your employees deposit unneeded documents into the shredding console, on a regular schedule, documents are taken from your shredding consoles and the information is shredded before the truck ever leaves your location. We also offer one time document destruction and hard drive shredding services to destroy information piling up in your storeroom. This also keeps your company in compliance with privacy laws.

Blue Pencil’s paper shredding program erases your document security and privacy compliance problems. Whether you’re using office shredders or a service provider for your paper documents, take 2 minutes to assess your business processes for security and compliance using our information destruction compliance self-assessment tool.

Blue-Pencil is a NAID AAA certified secure shredding service company.