Guide to Document Storage Toronto

Guide to Document Storage Toronto – Looking for document storage in Toronto or the GTA? Document storage is a great way to free up space in your office and keep your files secure and organized. In our guide to document storage, we’ll look at why document storage in Toronto is so important, the pros and cons of popular document storage options, how to find high-quality document storage options, and more. Still have questions about secure document storage? Contact the experts at Blue-Pencil now to learn more!

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Chapter 1: Document Storage Toronto – The Fundamentals
Chapter 2: Finding High-Quality Document Storage Services in Toronto
Chapter 3: Different Document Storage Strategies
Chapter 4: The Different Types of Document Storage Options Available In Toronto

Chapter 1: Document Storage Toronto – The Fundamentals

Before we go any further, it’s important to understand just what exactly document storage is. Each method of document storage varies, as we will explore later on. However, all document storage systems strive to keep your files and records, whether in paper or electronic form, safe, organized, and secure. Instead of keeping your files in hundreds of folders on your computer or in a filing cabinet, document storage companies free up your space by keeping your files for you.

Freeing up space in your office is essential for business owners in Toronto. Depending on your location, renting office space in Toronto can range from $150,000 per year to millions per year. And the cost of commercial rent continues to soar in Toronto. In a report outlined in The Financial Post, Toronto could soon catch up with major U.S. cities such as New York when it comes to office rental costs.

Because the cost of office space in Toronto is quite high compared to other cities, it is especially important to have a practical, efficient document storage and management program in place. Without proper document storage, you could quickly see filing cabinets taking up more and more usable space in your office – meaning less space for you and your employees to get work done.

Chapter 2: Finding High-Quality Document Storage Services in Toronto

Now that you know a bit more about document storage in Toronto’s commercial climate, you may wonder how to find a high-quality document storage service in your area. Here are some tips to help you find a reputable company.

Tip #1: Read Online Reviews

As Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews, and other online review sites become increasingly popular, it is easy for anyone to read what dozens of others have to say about any particular company. Keep in mind that no company will have perfect reviews, but reading reviews can give you a good sense of the general feedback your potential document storage company has received.

Tip #2: Ask For References

If online reviews aren’t enough to help you decide on your document storage service, consider asking the potential company you are interested in for references from past and current customers. Hearing from others who have worked with or are currently working with a company will give you an even better picture of what working with this company is like.

Tip #3: Ask Questions

When you’re trying to find a reputable company, it’s a good idea to ask lots of questions. Finding the right document storage service for you is important! Ask about their services and what package or service will work best for you and your company. How do they ensure the security of your documents? Can you access your documents whenever you want? Asking questions will help you know if a company and their services are right for you. It will also allow you to get to know employees, and therefore give you a better sense of the company as a whole.

Chapter 3: Different Document Storage Strategies Pros & Cons

Some popular document storage strategies include offsite document storage, electronic document storage (i.e. using cloud services), self-hosted storage systems used on your computer, and locker rental or self-storage. See the chart below for details about the pros and cons of each method. Click the image below for a larger version of the chart.

Chapter 4: The Different Types of Document Storage Options Available In Toronto

In this section, we’ll go over each document storage option in more detail to help you make an informed decision.

Locker Rental/Storage Space

Rental Space Units

File Security Rating: ★ – ★★
Convenience: ★★★★

A relatively simple and convenient document storage solution, some smaller businesses choose to work with a rental space such as a public storage facility. If you have a very small amount of documents, you can even choose locker-sized storage units.

With a public storage facility, you can choose the size of space to rent from small lockers to spaces that resemble a small office! You can also choose exactly how and where you want to organize your files.

However, rental spaces, even the most secure rental spaces, are not made with document storage in mind. Filing highly sensitive company information in a public storage building might put your information at risk.

However, if you just need the extra space for older documents or less important files that still must be kept on record, a rental space could work for you. Keep in mind you will also have to purchase the appropriate filing unit and organize and maintain your files without any professional help.

Secure Document Storage

Secure Document Storage

File Security Rating: ★★★★★
Convenience: ★★★★
 (depending on your location)

When you store your important files with a secure document storage/records management company, you have the peace of mind that your documents are safe and secure. A secure facility is a great choice if you need to store sensitive information.

Many document storage companies will provide services for both small and large volumes of data, ideal for businesses of all sizes or businesses that anticipate growth. When working with Blue-Pencil, we allow emergency retrieval and delivery, so you can access your documents when needed in case of an emergency.

However, depending on your location, retrieving your documents from a secure facility may be a bit of a drive. Because secure document storage programs are highly specialized and one of the most secure options, these services may cost more upfront.

However, knowing your confidential documents are secure and monitored 24/7 will help give you peace of mind and can even cost less in the long term, as you will not have to continuously look and pay for new security solutions. If you are interested in secure document storage for your files in Toronto or the GTA, Click here to get a quote with Blue-Pencil!

Electronic Document Storage

File Security Rating: ★★★ – ★★★★★ (depends on security policies of company)
Convenience: ★★★★★

Electronic document storage can take a variety of forms. One popular method is cloud-based electronic storage. Files are scanned and uploaded onto the computer and stored in one of many cloud services. This can be done through a professional service or business owners can set up their own cloud document storage.

When working with a cloud-based system, all of your files are easily accessible online, giving you full control over your documents. However, online systems can be problematic as they rely on the internet. If your internet is down, or if your service provider is experiencing technical issues, you won’t be able to access your documents.

At Blue-Pencil, we offer Scan On Demand, our version of electronic document storage. With our scanning services, your paper documents are scanned and stored on your computer. Our customers can retrieve, share and access information in a secure, indexed, and searchable online hosted system, making your organization efficient and productive. Click here to learn more about document scanning!

Self-Hosted Storage System

File Security Rating: ★★ – ★★★
Convenience: ★★★★★

A self-hosted document storage service is a software installed on your computer that allows you to manage your own documents within your company’s own servers. You can store a significant amount of documents – as many as your own server will allow! With a self-hosted system, you have full control over your document organization and security. Unlike a cloud system, you can access your documents even without the internet.

Self-hosted systems cost a lot more than other do-it-yourself methods upfront. Aside from the initial costs, there are also yearly charges, such as software updates. Your files are not automatically saved on the cloud or backed up, so you must put your own safety measures in place.

Unlike professional services, full control means that if something goes wrong or you lose a file, there is no one to help you retrieve lost information or fix any problems. You also should ensure an organizational plan so your documents do not end up cluttered and disorganized, which can make life at your office much more difficult.

Securely Store Your Documents With Blue-Pencil!

Blue-Pencil helps businesses big and small in Toronto and the GTA keep their documents secure and organized. We also offer more than just document storage. See the video below to learn a bit about Blue-Pencil’s office shredding program, which is another great way to keep your sensitive information safe.



With Blue-Pencil, you can store your documents safely and securely. Blue-Pencil helps empower Canadian organizations to reach new heights with friendly and efficient document management services. Customer service is not only a slogan but something we practice by investing in our strategic partners.

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