High-quality secure shredding bins and consoles

Blue-Pencil offers customers a variety of high-quality secure shredding bins and consoles to store confidential paper for document destruction.

Secure, locked consoles

The secure, locked consoles are designed to blend into workplaces and can hold approximately 45.4 kg (100 lbs) of documents.

Large Bins for Cleanouts

For higher volume areas or periodic cleanouts, large capacity secure shredding containers are designed to hold up to 136.08 kg (300 lbs) of paper.

Simple to use

Each container is strategically placed within office locations to ensure the convenient collection of sensitive documents for all employees. All containers are also manufactured in North America.

Secure Shredding Container Options for Confidential Documents

Blue-Pencil offers a range of secured container options to meet your company's needs.

Person placing paper in office shredding console

Office Console

Included with Blue-Pencil’s regular office shredding service, this neutral-coloured flat-top container has a furniture-like design that blends into office environments. Featuring a reinforced TRI-locking system and a 180-degree solid steel hinge with 20 internal contact points, paper contents remain highly secure in this self-closing unit. A reinforced green collection bag also ensures clean and quick retrieval.

  • Measures 88.9 cm x 48.3 cm x 40.6 cm (35” x 19” x 16”)
  • 132.15 L capacity (30 dry gallons)
  • Holds 36 – 45 kg of paper (80 – 100 lbs)

Under Desk Mini Console

Compact to conveniently fit underneath a desktop, this neutral-coloured self-closing lockable console allows employees to easily collect business documents within their personal workspaces. Featuring a furniture-like design and a flat-top surface, this unit includes a reinforced TRI-locking system for increased security and durability. Similar to the larger office container, this document storage unit also includes a 180-degree solid steel hinge with 20 internal contact points and a reinforced green collection bag.

  • Measures 68.6 cm x 48.3 cm x 40.6 cm (27” x 19” x 16”)
  • 92.5 L capacity (21 dry gallons)
  • Holds 25 – 32 kg of paper (55 – 70 lbs)

ShredVantage Office Console

ShredVantage Plastic Console

Featuring an all-plastic construction for maximum durability, this water-resistant lockable console keeps business materials safe and secure until document shredding. The container features an ergonomic and space-saving design that fits into any décor. The lid also sits flush for added protection and the slam lock feature ensures fast and efficient retrieval. Collection bags and liners are not required with these security containers.

  • Measures 73.7 cm x 53.3 cm x 43.1 cm (29” x 21” x 17”)
  • Holds 36.29 – 45.4 kg of paper (80 – 100 lbs)

65 & 95 Gallon Shredding Bin

Designed for mailrooms, copy rooms or warehouses, these wheeled plastic secure shredding bins ensure that confidential documents are easily contained and transported for efficient retrieval and destruction. Featuring an internal padlock and a durable top-loading lid, contents remain highly protected, while a cut security slot ensures that business documents cannot be retrieved from inside. The neutral light grey exterior also blends into any workplace environment.

65 gallon bin capacity and dimensions

  • Measures 109.85 cm x 62.23 cm x 69.85 cm (43.25” x 24.5” x 27.5”)
  • 286.32 L capacity (65 dry gallons)
  • Holds 90.72 – 113.4 kg of paper (200 – 250 lbs)

95 gallon bin capacity and dimensions

  • Measures 111.76 cm x 63.5 cm x 86.36 cm (44” x 25” x 34”)
  • 418.46 L capacity (95 dry gallons)
  • Holds 113.4 – 136.08 kg of paper (250 – 300 lbs)

65 gallon shredding bin in an office

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