Secure, collaborative scanning services

Blue-Pencil's Scanning Services can help accelerate your transition to a more digital workplace

Flexible scanning services

From digitizing old documents to scanning new documents as they are created, Blue-Pencil can provide a solution that works for your business.

24/7 access

Using Blue-Pencil's secure system, access your digital documents quickly and easily, from any location.

Increased efficiency & productivity

Reduce the time it takes to locate and retrieve records. Plus, no need to re-file them which saves you time.

Why Blue-Pencil is the best choice for scanning services

  • Custom Scanning Solutions
    No matter what needs scanning, we can find a solution that works for you
  • Secure Chain of Custody
    Using our barcode technology, we know exactly where your information is always
  • No Company is Too Big or Too Small
    We scan documents for small and large companies alike and provide the same level of service no matter what
  • Exceptional Customer Service
    Taking care of you is our number one concern
  • 100% Canadian
    Our company is owned and operated by Canadians

How it works

Manage your records in a few simple steps

You contact us

Contact our dedicated Sales team to discuss your scanning requirements and schedule a time to pick up and securely transport your documents.

We prepare your documents for scanning

Your files and documents are organized, staples are removed, corners are straightened and damaged pages are taped.

We scan your documents

Your documents are scanned using our state-of-the-art high-speed scanners and quality checked for readability and clarity.

Access your documents 24/7

Using Blue-Pencil’s secure, online system you can view and download your documents at anytime you want with 24/7 access.

Need digital access to your documents, but don't want to scan them all?

Consider Scan on Demand Service

Scan on Demand  provides near-real-time access to your files while avoiding the high cost of digitizing all of your records.

Only digitize the documents you need while having quick, digital access to all documents that are being securely stored.

Find out more

Get your files in order

Have piles of paperwork in your office that need to be scanned? Blue-Pencil can help.

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Have more questions?

Learn more about our document scanning services

  • What happens to our documents after they are scanned?

    Once the scanning project is complete, Blue-Pencil can return the scanned documents back to you or securely store them in our long-term secure storage facility and destroy them once the retention period is up or when authorization is given to do so.

  • What size paper can you scan?

    Using our state-of-the-art high speed scanners, we can handle all paper sizes, from sticky notes to oversized drawings.

  • What is back-file scanning?

    Back-file scanning is the process of converting bulk documents into digital formats. This is often the program of choice when an organization has accumulated high volumes of records and needs easy search and access to these documents on a regular basis. Converting all or a selected volume of records can be beneficial for franchises, national and international companies with multiple locations who all need access to the same documents.

    Back-file scanning results in the following benefits:

    • One system to view all scanned records
    • Reduced time in locating and retrieving records and no need to re-file
    • Improved productivity through reduced staff requirements
    • Eliminates courier and shipping costs
    • Reduced physical storage costs
  • What is day-forward scanning?

    Day-forward scanning is the process of digitizing your newly created documents on a regular basis. This can streamline your document flow and reduce future transportation, storage and labour costs associated with physical record storage management.

    Day Forward scanning can be performed on-site or off-site. Our team of professionals can pick up your documents, scan them at our facility and provide images to you on our Online Hosted Image website, saved on your choice of media or uploaded to your internal image archive system.

  • How does online image hosting service work?

    When you partner with Blue-Pencil, you can benefit from our Online Image Hosting Centre to manage all your digital files. Our secure network ensures that your information is never compromised.  Your information easy to locate and retrieve from virtually anywhere. Your organization has instant access to records from one source.

    Here are just some of the features of using our Online Image Hosting Centre:

    • Access controlled system so each employee has individual access authorization to information
    • Ability to access digital records from multiple locations by multiple users simultaneously
    • Convenient and fast document retrieval through multiple search capabilities such as department, function, keywords, employee, dates
    • Print and download options based on user authorization
    • User friendly interface with no software requirements
    • Secure internal network with SSL and encrypted transmission
    • Off-site hosting allows for back-ups, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions

    Blue-Pencil’s professionally trained technical support staff are available to answer your questions and deal with your concerns, as well as provide initial training, support materials and videos to assist in the company wide implementation.