Companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on cybersecurity to protect digital information from hackers and data breaches, but many of these programs don’t address the fundamentals of physical security. The reality is that data thieves continue to target confidential paper documents, even though businesses rely less on paper due to cloud computing, databases and the internet.

Even the most diligent employees are susceptible to human error. A simple mistake, like throwing a confidential document in the trash or recycling bin, can lead to severe consequences, including a security breach, identity theft and fraud.

Physical documents carry the same risks as digital files; therefore, it is essential to rely on expert assistance when ensuring the privacy of paper documents.

What To Consider When Researching Shredding Companies

If you’re wondering how to choose a shredding company for your business records, here is a list of 12 things to consider:

1. Knowledgeable About Industry-Related Compliance

A professional shredding company will know about privacy regulations and shredding laws pertaining to different industries. Whether your business is in the healthcare, financial, legal or another field, ensure that you choose a provider that understands your specific industry’s unique records management regulations. You should also select a shredding service with the industry-related experience your business requires and can provide employee training to your staff to ensure adherence to Canadian laws.

2. NAID AAA Certified Processes

The National Information for Destruction (NAID) AAA Certification is the gold standard for information security. Hiring a document shredding company with NAID AAA Certification ensures that your confidential information is securely handled the moment your paper documents leave your office for shredding and recycling. All shredding companies must follow strict rules, policies and procedures to become and remain certified members.

3. Fully Bonded and Screened Document Security Representatives

NAID AAA certification requires that document shredding companies complete thorough background checks on all employees to maintain security throughout the shredding process. Therefore, when choosing a shredding company, inquire if they perform criminal, credit, pre-employment and reference checks on all employees. This approach is essential to protect your confidential business information from data breaches, identity theft and unauthorized access.

4. Data Protection at Every Touchpoint

When deciding to hire a document destruction company for your business, find out what steps are involved from the time your paper records leave your office to when they are destroyed and recycled. Selecting a paper shredding service with a secure chain of custody is crucial. This strategy ensures that collection procedures and shredding processes prioritize the safety and protection of confidential information from start to finish.

5. Certificate of Destruction

Before choosing a shredding company, find out if they provide a Certificate of Destruction after each shred. This formal document contains detailed information about the shredding process to prove that all procedures comply with privacy laws. It is also used to confirm that document shredding is successfully completed.

6. Mobile On-site Shredding

When hiring a paper shredding service, it is essential to select a provider with the right equipment to shred your confidential information on your premises. On-site shredding (also known as mobile shredding) is a safe and convenient destruction method that is carried out at your facility in a secure industrial shredding truck instead of an off-site plant. With fewer people handling your paper documents and the ability to witness the shredding process in person, you’ll feel confident that your private business information is properly destroyed.

7. Shredding for All Data of Types

Hiring a reputable business to have your paper documents shredded is critical to protecting your data. However, it must not end there. Secure shredding should also include other media types, like hard drives and unneeded goods or products. When vetting shredding services, ask if they can shred all kinds of media, including paper, backup tapes, optical media, CDs, computer hard drives, recalled products or damaged goods.

8. Commitment to Recycling and Environment

All businesses have a legal and ethical responsibility to keep sensitive information out of the wrong hands. But every company also has a corporate social responsibility to protect the environment. When choosing a shredding service provider, be sure to ask if all paper waste and shredded e waste are recycled after destruction.

9. No Additional Fees

Paper shredding services use different pricing methods, and some may have hidden costs. For example, the right shredding company will not charge environmental fees, shred console delivery charges or parking fees. What your business is quoted is what your company should pay.

10. Free Risk Assessment

A document security assessment is an effective way to identify your workplace’s most significant security gaps and see how your organization complies with privacy law regulations. Choose a shredding company that can provide a free assessment to determine how to best protect your information.

11. Volume and Frequency

Every business is different when it comes to the volume and frequency of documents that need to be shredded. The best paper shredding services will assess your shredding requirements, provide pricing and recommend an affordable shredding program that satisfies your volume and frequency needs.

12. Local Shredding Company

When dealing with sensitive information, you want the peace of mind that you’ve hired a professional shredding provider with exceptional customer service. Unfortunately, national destruction companies are backed by a big name, but they may not offer the personalized shredding service of a locally-owned, independent supplier.

Choose Blue-Pencil for Secure Document Destruction Services

Blue-Pencil is a mobile shredding provider servicing the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding cities that delivers a range of professional shredding options to keep confidential documents secure.

We offer flexible one-time and reoccurring scheduled shredding services for all of your needs, whether you have paper documents, computer hard drive devices, non-paper media or unwanted products. No job is too big or small! We also provide a Certificate of Destruction after every shred.

To learn more about our NAID AAA Certified shredding services or to discuss your paper and non-paper shredding needs, contact our customer service team for a free quote.