With the constant threat of digital breaches from hackers, many businesses are too focused on online security. But those stacks of old papers, unwanted files and ancient hard drives piling up in your office storeroom? They also need your immediate attention.

The reason why is physical documents remain a major liability for companies and play a critical role in any records management plan. The best way to protect this confidential information when it reaches the end of its lifecycle is by hiring a shredding truck for document destruction.

What is a Mobile Shredder Truck?

A mobile shredding truck is a service that comes to your workplace to destroy sensitive documents at your location. Shredding trucks are equipped with onboard industrial shredders that can destroy large volumes of paper and other media types, including hard drives. Heavy-duty rotors shred the contents into small cross-cut pieces, and the machine is strong enough to destroy staples, paper clips and clamp clips from documents. These shredding trucks are operated by highly trained, fully bonded and screened document security representatives who service multiple customers each day. In addition, all shredded materials are mixed together after each stop to ensure that identity thieves and fraudsters can never recreate the confidential information before it is recycled.

How Do Mobile Shredding Trucks Work?

Mobile shred trucks are in a class of their own for functionality and state-of-the-art features. Here is what you can expect when a shredding truck arrives at your location on your scheduled service date:

1. Secure Collection

Document security representatives collect stored records from the workplace and transport the contents to a waiting mobile shredding truck. Throughout the collection process, sensitive information is never directly handled, minimizing the risk of a security breach.

2. Automated Loading

Shredding bins are wheeled to the curb to the waiting shred truck. One by one, the bins are attached to a hydraulic arm that automatically lifts and opens the bin and dumps the materials into the hopper. Once the bin is empty, the hydraulic arm lowers the console, and the process repeats with the other awaiting containers.

3. Safe Destruction

The contents in the hopper are run through the truck’s onboard industrial shredder, which destroys all forms of paper and other media types. These materials are destroyed into small cross-cut pieces and mixed with sensitive documents from other companies, ensuring that malicious thieves can never restore information. You can also view the entire process on the shred truck’s closed-circuit monitor for full transparency.

4. Completion of Service

Once all materials have been destroyed, a document security representative will provide a Certificate of Destruction before departing the location. This official record proves that all paper and media types have been adequately destroyed before recycling, and that the secure shredding process is compliant with privacy laws.

Why Choose a Mobile Shredding Truck To Destroy Information?

Mobile shred trucks help businesses of all sizes realize several benefits. Here are five advantages of using shred trucks to destroy old papers, unwanted files and hard drives:

1. Convenience

Hiring a mobile shredding truck to destroy confidential information is an easy and convenient way to protect unwanted documents from a severe security breach. All you have to do is decide the frequency of service and where you’d like destruction to be carried out and the shredding truck and document security representatives will handle the rest.

2. Security

Unlike in-house office shredding or an off-site shredding service, fewer people come in contact with your information when it’s destroyed in an industrial shredding truck. All material is also collected and shredded by skilled document security professionals on your property, ensuring a complete chain of custody with no threat of unauthorized access to your critical information.

3. Peace of Mind

Another added benefit of shred trucks is the closed-circuit monitor, which adds an extra layer of security by allowing you to witness the entire shredding process taking place inside the truck. Additionally, documents are impossible for thieves to restore since shredding trucks visit multiple customers each day and mix the shredded material together.

4. Certificate of Destruction

At the end of every service, a Certificate of Destruction is issued to confirm that all media was destroyed in compliance with privacy laws. This certificate not only protects your company from data theft and hefty legal fines, but it enables you to provide proof of proper destruction in the event of an audit.

5. Affordability

Shredding trucks are a cost-effective solution with transparent pricing that is charged by the volume and frequency of service. Using skilled employees to destroy documents in-house is also more expensive than relying on shredding trucks because staff members have to remove paper clips and staples and deal with frequent equipment breakdowns and jams. Additionally, employees waste valuable time shredding files instead of focusing on revenue-generating activities since office-grade shredding machines can only handle small stacks of paper at one time.

Keep Confidential Information Secure With Blue-Pencil’s Mobile Shred Trucks

Blue-Pencil provides a range of shredding options to keep confidential information secure. No job is too big or small! We offer affordable one-time and reoccurring mobile shredding for all of your needs, whether you have piles of paper, old hard drives or unwanted products that require shredding.

Our NAID AAA Certified shred trucks are operated by highly trained, fully bonded and screened document security representatives that come to your location to destroy unwanted information for you. You can watch the entire process on a closed-circuit monitor, and feel confident that your company completed the process in compliance with privacy laws. At the end of every service visit, you will be provided with a Certificate of Destruction.

To learn more about our mobile shred trucks or discuss your document destruction needs, contact our Blue-Pencil customer service team at 1-877-821-9611 or click here for a free quote.