Free Shredding Services in Mississauga

Cluttered office? Disorganized desk? Free shredding events are a great way to deal with unneeded papers and reclaim your space. Free shredding events happen all over Mississauga and the Peel Region. In this article, we’ll go over local free shredding events and describe both services provided as well as any limitations. For more information on secure shredding services, contact Blue-Pencil now!

Are Free Shredding Services Really Free?

There have been many community events offering free shredding services to those in Mississauga and the surrounding areas. Many of these community events are in partnership with shredding companies. These are great opportunities for residents to protect valuable information and help prevent serious crimes such as identity theft. These community events come at no monetary cost to participants. However, there are still limitations.

Consider the following features offered by Blue-Pencil’s secure shredding services:

  • Peace of Mind – When you shred with a reputable, certified, and insured organization like Blue-Pencil
  • Certified and Insured – You are protected by our certification and insurance which is not offered by free services
  • Mutual Safeguards – We ensure that there is a service agreement that protects all parties involved

Past Events – Free Shredding Mississauga

Free shredding events are great for individuals who need a secure way to dispose of sensitive information, like personal documents, tax records, and other confidential documents. Ensuring you shred all sensitive information can help prevent serious issues like identity theft, and help you have peace of mind!

Here is a sample of past document shredding events that were provided in Mississauga and around the GTA. Click here to see our Free Shredding Services in Toronto article.

Spring Confidential Shredding Events – Provided By The Region Of Peel

Services Provided – In the Spring of 2017, The Region of Peel announced four free confidential shredding events to take place around the Peel Region – in Caledon, Brampton, and Mississauga. These events were run out of Community Recycling Centres (CRCs) and take place around the Peel Region to make it easier for all residents to access a CRC in their area.

Limitations –This service is only provided to residents of Peel Region. During regular operating hours, Community Recycling Centers do not offer shredding services, but you can drop off paper for recycling. These events were also limited to specific dates in 2017.


Confidential Paper Shredding Events  – Provided By The Region Of Peel

Services Provided – Just like the spring event of 2017, in the fall of 2017, the Region of Peel provided another three free shredding events – one in Caledon, one in Brampton, and one in Mississauga. Each event took place at a local Community Recycling Center (CRC). Residents can bring any type of unbound paper, including bills, income statements, and other confidential documents.

Limitations – This service is only provided to residents of Peel Region. During regular operating hours, Community Recycling Centers do not offer shredding services, but you can drop off paper for recycling. These events were also limited to specific dates in 2017.


Toronto Ward Environment Day Free Shredding Event 

Services Provided – Every City of Toronto Ward (there are over 40 wards in Toronto) hosts a Community Environment Day, and many of the wards also host free shredding events. For example, in September 2016, Ward 30 had their annual Community Environment Day and supplied residents with free shredding services at the event.

Limitations – This service is provided annually, and the date depends on the ward you are part of. Though anyone can attend the event, some services may be limited to residents. Some wards do not provide free shredding services – each ward will have its own set of events and services available.


Waterloo Region Crime Stoppers Community Event

Services Provided – Free shredding of personal documents, especially documents containing personal and financial or other sensitive information, with the goal of helping to prevent identity theft. Members of Crime Stoppers were also on site to help answer any questions relating to fraud prevention.

Limitations of Service – Event did not guarantee secure disposal and upcoming events have not been announced. A bit of extra distance for those living in Mississauga or the Peel Region.


Plan Your Own Shredding Event

Services Provided – Can’t find a free shredding event near you? Missed the deadline for free local events? Some shredding service providers will actually be available to offer free shredding, as long as someone in the community is willing to organize an event! Talk to your neighbours or colleagues and rally your community together to help protect personal information.

Limitations of Service – Shredding companies may be limited to business operating hours, which may not be convenient for everyone. Be sure to check the time you are looking to get your community shredding event to take place, and whether the service provider is available. This may also require quite a bit of planning, time and energy – but the rewards can be great!

Ask Your Real Estate Agent

Services Provided – Are you moving, or have recently moved? Some real estate agents may partner with a local shredding service in Mississauga or the GTA to help clients take care of unwanted paper and personal information during a move. Talk to your agent and see if they can provide you with any information!

Limitations of Service – Ensure that the real estate agent’s referral is to a certified and secure shredding service. Some may simply take your documents to a business such as Staples, which could result in information exposure and uncertainty regarding proper information disposal.

Check For Upcoming Free Shredding Service Events

Though free shredding services are convenient and easily accessible, they do come with limitations and risks. The biggest risk is a lack of guaranteed secure disposal. When deciding between secure shredding services and free shredding services, residents should be aware of this risk and limit personal information exposure when using free services.

Here are some ways you can keep an eye out for upcoming shredding events:

  • Visit Fall Fest and look out for their next event
  • Contact your local Fraud Prevention team (i.e. Waterloo Crime Stoppers)
  • Contact your local community recycling drop-off centres to see if there is an upcoming event (See: York Region, Hamilton, and  Toronto)
  • Reach out to your local document disposal service providers as they may offer free community shredding events

If you are not comfortable using a free shredding service, consider speaking to your employer about other options. Some workplaces will pay for their employees to use secure shredding services! Consider contacting Blue-Pencil to discover a plan that works for you and your workplace.

Securely Shred With Blue-Pencil Now!

At Blue-Pencil, you don’t have to wait for a community event – you can securely shred now! Blue-Pencil helps empower Canadian organizations to reach new heights with friendly and efficient document management services. Customer service is not only a slogan but something we practice by investing in our strategic partners.

Located in Oakville, we have grown our document security business over the past 15 years, serving more than 15,000 organizations including small and medium-sized companies as well as Fortune 500 businesses.

At this time, we continue to provide our customers with shredding and storage services. Read our COVID-19 Position Statement for complete details.