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The Ultimate Guide to Office Paper Shredding – Round Up

This article provides a round up to all the chapters of the Ultimate Guide to Office Paper Shredding. This will help any businesses or residents still using a traditional shredding machine to consider the savings and convenience of having a shredding provider. Contact us here today to get you started and let the team help you get rid of unwanted documents securely and quickly.

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Paper Shredding Services An Overview – Chapter 1

Welcome to chapter 1 of our 5 chapter paper shredding services guide. This guide will help to give you insight into every aspect of the paper shredding industry. In this first chapter of The Ultimate Guide To Office Paper Shredding Services, we will overview paper shredding services in general, covering the topics of why you should shred your office documents, what paper shredding is, the history of paper shredding, some paper shredding statistics and a comparison of internal vs external paper shredding options.  … read more.

How To Find The Best Shredding Company – Chapter 2

In this second chapter of The Ultimate Guide To Office Paper Shredding Services, we will outline tips and tactics to finding the best shredding company. Since security is one of the greatest importances of companies today it’s incredibly important to find the best shredding company you can. … read more.

Comparing Paper Shredding Service Pricing Models – Chapter 3

When it comes to paper shredding services there are often a few different pricing models that you’ll be able to choose from. In this  article we’ll take you through the differences between flat fee, price per minute and price per pound pricing models to help you decide which may be best for you. … read more.

Document Destruction: How It Is Actually Done – Chapter 4

A lot of our customer’s main concern when it comes to document destructions is what exactly the process of document destruction looks like. In this article, we’ll discuss the 5 steps of our document destruction process… read more.

Office Shredding Services – Key Security Requirements – Chapter 5

The key to ensuring that your office documents are shredded securely and that there are no compromises in the shredding procedure is having proper security measures in place at each step of the process. Most important is ensuring that all employees involved in the process have been screened with background checks, that the shredding company requires all employees to carry ID badges at all times, that the shredding occurs as close to the initial disposal location as possible, and that shredding units, shredding trucks and shredding warehouses have access control features. …read more.

How To Best Choose A Shredding Service Provider – Chapter 6

Figuring out what criteria is most important for a shredding company can be difficult. There’s a ton of information out there and every company is fighting for your business so it’s hard to know who to choose. This article will help you  figure out which shredding service provider would be best for you by discussing several different criteria to consider during the selection process. …read more.

The Ultimate Guide To Office Paper Shredding Services – Overview

Welcome to the final chapter of our 6 part guide to office paper shredding services. In this final chapter we’ll be providing you with a simple overview to each of our other chapters. We’ll provide you with a brief summary of each chapter in the series and also provide you with links to each album in their entirety. … read more.

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