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Switching Records Management Services: Case Study

switching record service provider

Find out how much you can save and how quickly you can take back control of your records management program with Blue-Pencil’s case study. Fill out the form below and find out firsthand how one organization drastically reduced their costs by switching to Blue-Pencil!

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changing records management services

Customers often run into poor service, eroding transparency with invoices, and price increases with larger records management or shredding service providers. Clients should not have to feel handcuffed to a vendor or that transition costs are too high to make the right business decision in switching service providers. Contact Blue-Pencil today to learn how easy it can be for your company to switch records management services to Blue-Pencil and transfer your records storage program in less time than you might imagine. Read on to find out when you should consider switching records storage or management providers along with a case study explaining how long it takes and the savings you can unlock by working with a company that focuses on serving your business.

Get Blue-Pencil’s Records Management Case Study

In a recent case study, Blue-Pencil helped keep a legal firm from being continually overcharged and poorly served by their previous records program vendor. In doing so Blue-Pencil discovered the following:

  • Companies may save more than $10,000 a year by making a switch to the right provider
  • On-going costs can be reduced by up to 20% by having employees get the right information security training
  • It is both quick and easy to switch to Blue-Pencil
  • Blue-Pencil can help to navigate the transition process with minimal effort from staff

Signs that You Should Switch Records Management Provider

Here are some real experiences and indicators that it’s time to switch shredding service or records management providers:

  • Increasing service fees including fuel surcharges or administrative fees
  • Since that service provider is not continually improving service or taking the time to understand points of difficulty
  • Service provider does not take time to train your employees on information security best practices
  • Feeling trapped in a poor vendor relationship