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Small & Medium Business Solutions

Enterprise-size businesses are not the only ones that must be concerned with comprehensive digital and paper document destruction practices. This matter is just as relevant for small and medium size businesses, who may have just as much to lose – if not more – if sensitive documents were to fall into the wrong hands.

Improper document destruction procedures could leave small businesses vulnerable to financial and regulatory harm, not to mention damage to their growing reputation. These ramifications could be crushing for developing companies that are still trying to find their footing in the business world.

  • How would your customers react if the financial information they trusted to you was found carelessly disposed in the trash or recycling bin?
  • What would happen if your company’s unique methods, procedures or approaches were to find their way into a competitor’s hands due to careless document destruction?
  • Would your company be prepared to handle a regulatory audit or review if a privacy breach raised concerns over your business’ data handling processes?
  • Would your company recover if plans for a new product or service were made public earlier than intended due to improper shredding procedures?

Small and medium-size businesses have enough challenges to face during the growth phase, and the risks of improper document destruction would only add another unnecessary hurdle.

Blue-Pencil serves small and medium businesses with a one-time shredding service and an ongoing office shredding program, both of which are cost-effective solutions for small businesses that offer the power and thoroughness of an enterprise-level solution. We help these clients destroy outdated paper documents, digital media and other materials to ensure regulatory compliance, consumer security and financial stability.