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Pharmaceutical Solutions

Pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors and retailers have a number of assets on hand that, if carelessly thrown away in the trash, could leave these businesses susceptible to government sanctions, financial loss or damage to their reputation.

  • As a result, supervisors in this industry must consider how they handle sensitive or potentially hazardous materials. Blue-Pencil’s product destruction service can step in to provide support and consultation for businesses that have concerns over their product destruction practices.
  • As a pharmacy manufacturer, are you sure employees are following procedures for eliminating surplus or outdated drugs?
  • Are your workers aware of local and federal regulations regarding packaging destruction during pharmaceutical production?
  • Does your pharmacy have a policy for destroying patient drug data, whether it’s recorded on paper documents or digital media?
  • Have you assigned a dedicated officer to manage the destruction of outdated product, including prescription drugs?

Consider what may happen if medications bearing your brand name were to find their way into a landfill or public dumpster, readily available for anyone that may stumble across them. Or if a customer’s sensitive medical and drug history was left carelessly in your pharmacy’s trash or recycling, easily accessible to any who pay pass by.

Regulators take the issue of drug disposal seriously, and pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors or retailers face serious ramifications if their negligence leads to noncompliance or public harm. When combined with the threats of reduced profits and decreased public confidence, these risks are simply too severe for businesses to ignore.

Arm your business with Ontario’s leading product and document shredding service. At Blue-Pencil our bonded and certified destruction specialists can put your facility or office on a consistent program to ensure product and document security, and we can recommend ways to keep these procedures up to par in the future.