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Non-Profit Organizations Solutions

Nonprofit organizations are no strangers to documentation requirements, as it takes a level of thoroughness and attention to detail to ensure these agencies are incorporated with the government as tax-exempt nonprofit.

Even so, as a nonprofit, does your business understand best practices and procedures for retaining and destroying documents or digital media?

Ask yourself a few questions as it pertains to your office’s digital or paper document destruction methods:

  • Are employees trained on how to destroy unneeded documentation?
  • Are workers’ document destruction practices monitored or reviewed by a dedicated on-staff privacy officer?
  • Do your employees know which types of documents should be kept on-hand long-term, and the recommended length of time these records should be kept?
  • Would your nonprofit have the right documentation ready – including incorporation paperwork and records of charitable contributions – in the event of a regulatory review or audit?

Nonprofits may not consider the financial ramifications of lax document destruction policies, since, by nature, these organizations are not required to turn a profit. At the same time, problems that may stem from inaccessible records, improperly destroyed documentation, or the public consumption of sensitive paperwork, could cost nonprofits their tax-free status or subject them to compliance reviews from government regulators.

To avoid these costly and potentially embarrassing ramifications, nonprofits can turn to Blue-Pencil, Ontario’s leading paper and document shredding service. We have the expertise needed to introduce nonprofit clients to best shredding practices and can educate employees and supervisors on how best to retain and destroy the right documents.
In addition, registered nonprofits enjoy a 10% discount on all of our services, providing them a cost-effective solution to paper management needs. With our certified shredding service, nonprofits can monitor which items they have destroyed and maintain stronger records as a result.