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Manufacturing Solutions

Blue-Pencil specializes in the destruction of outdated, surplus or potentially harmful products.

Consider the following questions when analyzing your company’s need for a secure product destruction service:

  • Are your employees trained on how to dispose of surplus product?
  • Are your employees adequately keeping track of any obsolete products or pack aging they are throwing away during the manufacturing process, as required by Health Canada?
  • Are your disposal records up-to-date and accurate?
  • Do you monitor your employees’ destruction of recalled products to ensure proper practices are used?
  • Does your company often discard electronics in landfills?
  • What happens to the excess materials – cloth, chemicals or packaging material – that your company uses when manufacturing products?
  • Would your company be prepared for an audit of its adherence to Health Canada’s Good Manufacturing Practices?

If at this point you are wondering what the implications may be for improper product disposal, it may be time to consider the help of a shredding service or product destruction provider. That is because manufacturers that deviate from best practices suffer the risk of regulatory reprisal.

Worse still, manufacturers whose products – whether they are toys that have been recalled or surplus cosmetics that were trashed – end up in publicly accessible landfills may find a public relations nightmare if these disposal practices threaten the environment or consumer safety.

Blue-Pencil can be a trusted partner to manufacturers in Canada that need to eliminate products. Our specialists can recommend the most thorough destruction practices and provide companies with the documentation they need to demonstrate compliance with federal regulations and sensitivity towards consumer concerns.