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Legal Document Shredding for Every Branch of Law

Find out today how your law firm or practice can benefit from legal document shredding that empowers each branch of law for greater efficiency and compliance.

At Blue-Pencil, we understand the sensitive nature of the documents law practices encounter in the course of their daily business, and we can help implement effective document destruction procedures that will limit the risk of a data breach or intrusion. We also understand the nuances of the various law practices from corporate confidentiality to the sensitive nature of family law.


Legal Information
Golden Rule

If there is any document or correspondence relating to a client, it requires secure storage and disposal. The verdict is that law offices must replace paper shredders with a regular document shredding program. This provides cost savings and improved security and privacy for legal practices and their clients.

Case File
Disposal Overview


Deposit your draft case or client documents into security consoles provided by Blue-Pencil.


Our Document Security Representative(s) collect the material from security consoles on your scheduled service date.


Your confidential information is securely transported to our mobile shredding unit where it’s destroyed right in the truck by an industrial size shredder.


Certificate of Destruction is issued immediately after each service.


All of the shredded material is recycled at the end of each day into reusable household goods.

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Secure Information Disposal a Nece ssity for PIPEDA Compliance

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After all, law firms understand better than most that failure to comply with regulations can lead to legal headaches, a damaged reputation, and financial consequences. As a result, it is important for law firm administrators to think seriously about how their employees handle sensitive client information.

  • Are firm employees tracking the whereabouts of sensitive client information, including case details, contact information, and medical data?
  • Are the appropriate records quickly available to review in the event of an internal investigation, compliance audit, or litigation discovery request?
  • Do your employees know which records are safe to keep long-term, and which should be destroyed immediately?
  • Have old computers, hard drives or digital media containing case information been tossed in landfills?
  • How long are paper client records and case information retained?
  • How are dated or unneeded paper records disposed of?

Public confidence is crucial for legal clients to retain and gain clientele, and if private information – whether it’s regarding a client’s sensitive medical history as it pertains to a legal case, private contact information, Social Insurance Numbers – were to become public, lawyers could see their reputation take a hit.

Similarly, legal offices cannot afford the ramifications that may occur if certain details – including their approach or defense for a particular case – were to become public as the result of a careless error in document disposal.

Blue-Pencil can provide certified document destruction programs that help law offices track which items they have shredded and deploy stronger paper and media handling procedures to avoid incidents in the future.

Certified and Secure

Blue-Pencil is recognized by industry authorities for document security and information protection, meaning better compliance and due diligence for clients.