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Healthcare Solutions

Privacy is vital in the healthcare industry. Patients trust that doctors value and protect their personal information, while healthcare manufacturers must ensure they take every possible step to limit the potential risk of improper product disposal.

Blue-Pencil has served as a trusted partner to healthcare providers, and we encourage these organizations to take a better look at their own privacy measures to ensure consumer safety.

If you operate a healthcare practice or business, ask yourself:

  • Does your practice keep track of destroyed documents or products?
  • Do you know how your employees are disposing of old patient medical records?
  • Do your employees follow standards and practices for drug disposal and destruction?
  • Have you discovered sensitive patient information discarded in the trash or left unshredded before disposal?
  • Is anyone in your office responsible for overseeing patient record shredding or document destruction?
  • Who has access to patients’ paper medical records?

If any of these matters are unclear, it may be time to contact Blue-Pencil, the leading information and product destruction service in Canada.

Healthcare-related privacy breaches can be some of the most damaging to a provider, as patient trust is the cornerstone to a practice’s reputation. Similarly, government health boards and health insurance companies may put their reputation and financial solvency at risk if their paper and document destruction practices are not up to par or result in a significant breach. Legal action is not uncommon when patients feel their private information has been made available for public access.

Blue-Pencil can help organizations in the health sector protect their finances and reputation by deploying an ongoing information and product shredding service. In addition, Blue Pencil provides consultation to healthcare providers that want to maintain regulatory compliance and practice safe document destruction processes.