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Government Solutions

For various reasons, the public must often put its trust in federal, provincial and local government organizations. If this confidence is violated in any way, these agencies may be faced with dire damage to their reputation.

Blue-Pencil has helped government clients re-assess their document handling procedures, urging them to consider the following questions:

  • Are you confident your organization’s document destruction policies comply with local and federal environmental regulations?
  • Are there individuals in your office responsible for staying on top of new regulations or developments related to document destruction?
  • Do employees understand proper procedures for destroying digital media, hard drives or sensitive electronic information?
  • Does your staff understand and comply with the nuanced regulations regarding Canada’s Access to Information Act?
  • Has your office transitioned paper records to electronic media, and if so, how are your employees discarding outdated paper information?

Though government agencies may not take a financial hit as the result of a data breach, the erosion of public confidence, the potential for sanctions and regulations and the risk to public safety are each significant threats these entities face when employees do not practice proper document destruction procedures.

Regulators may also force government organizations to compensate victims for legal costs and emotional hardship if a privacy breach occurs.
As a result, it’s best to rely on a certified paper and document shredding service to implement an ongoing paper and media destruction process. Blue-Pencil can provide the tools and knowledge government agencies need to dispose of paper and electronic data securely.