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Accounting/Finance Solutions

At Blue-Pencil, we are dedicated to helping businesses in any industry – including the accounting and finance sector – implement stronger document destruction practices. That is because many of these businesses may not understand the risk they take when they fail to properly destroy information.

Ask yourself:

  • Are loan documents, accounting ledgers or personal information finding their way into recycling bins rather than on-site shredders?
  • Are your office’s filing cabinets filled with records for clients you no longer serve?
  • Do you possess financial information for employees or partners who may no longer have a working relationship with your company?
  • Do you possess any sensitive documents describing methods, procedures or products that may be harmful if viewed by a competitor?
  • Have your employees been trained on what to do with financial records that are no longer needed?
  • Have you discarded old computers or hard drives in the trash or at a landfill?
  • Is there an individual at your office who audits your information security process?

If any of these items are a concern for you, consider the implications of improper data and document destruction. What would happen if a customer was to find the loan application he filled with your organization carelessly tossed in the trash? Or if a criminal broke into your discarded hard drive to pull customer Social Insurance Numbers, credit card information and personal addresses? Or if a competitor were to come across details of your clientele list?
With an Office Shredding Program from Blue-Pencil, business clients are assured the scheduled destruction of this vital financial information. For businesses in the accounting and finance industries, this can mean the difference between customer confidence or regulatory reprisal, lost funds and a damaged reputation.