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Secure Hard Drive Destruction Service

Blue-Pencil’s hard-drive destruction service provides an unbroken chain of custody. Our fully bonded and screened Document Security Representatives physically destroy your hard drives on-site using our shredding truck’s on board, state-of-the-art, high-speed equipment.

Upon completion, our technicians provide you with a certificate of destruction, complete with scanned serial numbers, and dispose of the debris in an environmentally-friendly manner.

  • Completely secure and confidential physical destruction
  • Instant, on-site high-speed shredding
  • Hard drives destroyed cross-cut to 5/8″
  • Video recording available
  • Fully bonded and screened technicians
  • Serial numbers scanned and recorded on the certificate of destruction
  • Environmentally-responsible disposal
  • NAID-certified process (National Association for Information Destruction)

Hard Drive Shredding/Destruction Video

View this short video below to see our hard drive shredding and destruction process!

Who Can Benefit From Hard Drive Destruction?

Are you are unsure if hard drive destruction is right for you? See below for some businesses that can benefit from hard drive destruction services:

  •  Financial institutions
  • Government institutions
  • Legal firms
  • Both large and small commercial businesses
  • Health organizations
  • Educational organizations

The list above is by no means exclusive. Almost everyone can benefit from hard drive destruction, whether it is your old personal computer or business computer. Many businesses store hundreds or thousands of confidential documents on their hard drives. Securely destroying your company’s hard drive is the best way to ensure confidential information remains confidential.

Canadian Laws About Privacy

Many organizations and businesses collect personal information from individuals for a variety of reasons. However, PIPEDA (The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act), has created many rules and guidelines to help protect individuals’ privacy.

If a business or organization collects personal information, PIPEDA outlines steps they must take to protect privacy. Private-sector organizations are obliged to: “protect your personal information through appropriate security measures and to destroy it when it’s no longer needed for the original purposes” (

This is one reason why destroying hard drives is so important. Simply erasing memory off an old hard drive does not guarantee your files will be permanently erased. It is best to completely destroy hard drives to remain compliant with PIPEDA and to ensure your business does not become a target for crime, such as identity theft or cybercrime.