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3 Benefits of a Shredding Service vs. DIY

Today, we’ll take a look at the top three benefits of choosing a shredding service vs. DIY office shredding.

At Blue-Pencil, we’ve helped over 6,000 organizations take better control over their information through secure shredding, information management, and more.

Here, we’ll see how a shredding service can offer you the security, safety, and money-saving benefits that you won’t get with DIY shredding. So, let’s just dive right in!


3 Benefits of a Shredding Service vs. DIY


1. Keeps Information Safer and More Organized

Can’t decide between a shredding service vs. DIY shredding? When you choose a professional shredding service instead of DIY shredding your company’s documents, you keep your information safer and more organized.

Companies of all sizes produce significant amounts of confidential information on a regular basis. Not only that, but existing files, often stored away in forgotten filing cabinets, eventually need to be securely disposed of as well.

In Canada, we have information security laws (PIPEDA) that protect data given to companies by customers or employees.


keep customer information safe

A shredding service can help keep your customers’ and employees’ information safe


In order to best protect your information and help you organize existing files, documents, and records, a professional shredding service will often provide you with an information security audit. During an audit, your provider may:

  • Recommend improvements to current budget for security measures
  • Recommend improvements in consistency and efficiency
  • Teach you how to develop a document management strategy
  • Provide training for all employees on best security practices
  • Create a retention and destruction schedule
  • Help you understand local and national security laws
  • And more!

Through a security audit, a shredding service can help you come up with an effective strategy to consistently dispose of your documents and help you organize existing documents that must still be kept on file.

When you choose a shredding service vs. DIY, you won’t have to worry about accidentally leaked information through improper document disposal. See how Blue-Pencil’s secure, on-site shredding works in the quick video below!


 Blue-Pencil’s Office Shredding comes right to you!


If you want to learn more about the benefits of shredding with Blue-Pencil, click here!


2. Saves Your Company Money

Some business owners may feel hesitant to invest in a shredding service instead of using or purchasing an office shredder, as they worry about the extra costs. However, working with a shredding service typically saves your company money over time!

There are a lot of costs associated with owning your own shredder, many of which office managers aren’t aware of. On average, an office shredder could cost around $100 per month to use and maintain!

It can also cost you employee time. For example, how many documents do you need to shred per week? Shredding even a few dozen documents can take up valuable employee time – time that could be spent working on much more important tasks.


shredding service vs. DIY - costs

There are many costs associated with owning your own shredder


Shredding machines can cost a lot of money to maintain and eventually replace when the time comes. It’s also important to think about the cost of an information leak.

If documents are disposed of improperly, and your company experiences a breach, how much will that cost your company in terms of reputation?

When employees are put in charge of shredding your confidential records and documents, they must also be in charge of proper disposal! Improper disposal can lead to information leaks and breaches – and it can also have a negative impact on the environment.

Working with a professional shredding service means that your leftover paper is not only securely disposed of, but also recycled. For example, at Blue-Pencil, for every 200 lbs of paper shredded, you save 1 tree! Over the years, our Tree Saving Program has saved over 393,000 trees to date!

When you choose to work with a shredding service that offers recycling solutions, this means you won’t have to pay extra to have a recycling service come to your office to properly dispose of your shredded paper.

Owning a small office shredder is good solution for destroying occasional non-confidential documents. However, for regular shredding, especially of confidential information, working with a shredding service instead of DIY can help you save money, time, and help keep your reputation (and the environment) safer too!


3. Reduces Risk Of Injury

You may not think of a shredder as a dangerous piece of equipment, but shredders of all sizes have the ability to cause serious harm.

If employees are frequently shredding documents, there is a risk of personal injury. Shredding machines can catch loose items of clothing in their metal teeth. They can cause a ride range of finger or hand injuries, from mild lacerations to full amputations.

A report from OSHA shows the range of accidents that can occur from both small and industrial shredding machines – from fractures, lacerations, to death.


Keep your employees safer from accidents and injuries by working with a shredding service


Shredding machines are often not considered a serious risk, so employees may not use the required precautions necessary to stay safe. If you do decide to DIY shred, it’s important to ensure all employees using the machine get consistent safety training refreshers.

If you work in a workplace where children are often present (such as a pre-school, an education building, or a recreational centre), there is an even greater safety risk when using large, office shredders.

Children may not know what a shredder is and, if they wander into an office space, may try to play with the shredder – thus causing serious accidents or injury.

Even if everyone is careful around your shredding machine, there is also a potential fire hazard when you have an office shredder. Jammed paper can catch fire if left unattended, and shredders that are left plugged in could cause an electrical fire.


A fire started in an office due to a large in-house shredding machine


If you do have office shredders, ensure only trained personnel have access to them. As well, ensure paper jams are dealt with immediately and shredders are unplugged at the end of the day.

Working with a shredding service can help you avoid all of these risks and potential issues.


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