Secure shredding service on a schedule

Complete Protection of Your Paper Documents from a Security Breach

Setup is quick and easy

During your first phone call, our dedicated Customer Service team will discuss your shredding needs, provide pricing, and recommend a paper shredding program that meets your volume and frequency needs.

Reduce your expenditures

When you factor in employee wages, storage space and maintenance costs you are likely to spend more doing your own shredding compared to using Blue-Pencil's services.

Protect your business

Having confidential records fall into the wrong hands can be a disaster. The Regular Shredding Service also includes help to implement shredding policies that comply with Canada’s Privacy Laws.

Try our service for 30 days risk-free

Not sure if an ongoing shredding program is right for your business? Try the program risk free for 30 days. If you don’t see the value after your first service, we will shred your paper and our invoice.

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How it works

Ongoing shredding service completed in a few simple steps

You place paper in console

Your unwanted office paper is placed into the locked console and is kept safe until your next secure shredding date.

We arrive on site

On your scheduled service date, our Document Security Representatives collect your material and destroy it right in the truck.

You receive a certificate

Once complete, our representative will provide your company with a certificate of destruction for your records and all paper is recycled into resusable household goods.

We recycle

Your shredded material is then sent to a recycling mill so it can be recycled into reusable household goods. The process then repeats, keeping your information secure.

Office shredding services customer using console

Why Blue-Pencil for ongoing shredding services

  • Affordable
    Services start from as low as $55
  • Secure, Locked Consoles
    Conveniently located throughout your workplace making it easy for employees to use
  • Mobile, On-site Destruction
    We arrive at your business on the scheduled day and shred your information at your location
  • Information Destruction Policies
    Provided policies and employee training to be compliant with Canada’s privacy laws
  • Fully Bonded and Screened Document Security Representatives
    Your information is in safe hands
  • NAID AAA Certified Process
    Our strict process ensures your information remains safe

Secure Shredding Consoles

Blue-Pencil offers customers a variety of high-quality secure shredding consoles to store paper for document destruction.

Simple to use

Each container is strategically placed within office locations to ensure the convenient collection of sensitive documents for all employees. All containers are also manufactured in North America.

Secure, locked consoles

The secure, locked consoles are designed to blend into workplaces and can hold approximately 45.4 kg (100 lbs) of documents.

Read more about the Shredding Consoles we offer

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