Long-term records storage of sensitive documents

Store and protect your records in highly secure and compliant facilities

Setup is simple

Have our professional archiving team help you get set up quickly and easily with a records management program. From indexing to accessing your files, we can help every step of the way.

Easy access to information

Need a file? No problem. Request the file you need, and have it physically delivered to you or scanned and emailed with our Scan on Demand service within a few hours.

Decrease your costs

Using valuable office space for long-term records storage is costly. For a few dollars per year, per box, you can securely store your documents and get back your office space.

Why Blue-Pencil is the best choice for records management services

  • Secure Storage Facility
    Documents stored in climate-controlled facility with 24/7 surveillance and strict security protocols
  • Secure chain of custody
    All files and boxes are indexed and scanned at every step of the way
  • Privacy Law Compliance
    Help to implement records management policies to comply with Canada’s Privacy Laws
  • Online Document Management Services
    Centrally manage your account to order files, access storage reports and much more
  • No Company is Too Big or Too Small
    We provide records management services for small and large business alike and provide the same level of secure service no matter what
  • Privacy+ Certified
    Keeps you secure and compliant with all data protection regulations

How it works

Manage your records in a few simple steps

You contact us to get started

Contact our dedicated Sales team to discuss your records storage requirements and to schedule your file box pickup.

We index and store your boxes

After securely transporting your information, boxes are indexed and stored. Using our barcode system, we always know exactly where they are.

You need an important file

Using Blue-Pencil Plus+ request the file or box you need, and have it physically delivered to you or scanned and emailed within a few hours.

Your information reaches end of life

Using the pre-defined retention schedule, Blue-Pencil+ sends alerts when the retention period is up. Simply provide authorization and records are safely destroyed.

Records Management Retrieval Options

Secure solutions to access your business information

Scan-on-Demand services

Files or boxes in storage can be scanned and emailed on an as needed basis, giving your team permanent access to electronic files.
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File or box delivery

Request a file or box online and have the physical documents delivered to your business.

Storage room full?

Learn how much you can save by storing your documents with Blue-Pencil.

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Have more questions?

Learn more about our records management services

  • What type of reporting can I receive?

    Blue-Pencil Plus+ online portal allows you to centrally manage your records management program right from your computer. Blue-Pencil Plus+ gives users the ability to run various reports such as: retention period and destruction eligibility reports, inventory reports, account activity and more. The report centre provides visibility to your records management activity and helps reduce cost by effectively managing space and resources.

    In addition, Blue-Pencil Plus+ gives your organization the tools to manage your documents in your office. You can order supplies, add new records, enter descriptions, and print labels and barcodes so all your documents and records are managed consistently throughout your organization.

  • Do you offer records management consulting services?

    Our team of professionals can help develop a document management strategy, build retention schedules for each record class, create policies and procedures, and train employees for on-going compliance and successful management.

    Similarly, if you already have any type of records management program in place, we can review and assess your current procedures and make recommendations for improvements in cost, security, consistency and efficiency.

  • Do you offer file indexing and coding services?

    Some organizations need detailed indexing and coding. This means that each file within the organization is assigned a barcode that captures important information about the file. Blue-Pencil professionals can design an indexing scheme for your records and perform the data entry in our secure facility. We can create as many search fields as your business requires and create multi-level indexing for numerous departments and classes of information – all to make it easier to find what you need quickly. All data is uploaded to the Blue-Pencil Plus+ online portal so you can search, locate and request files right from your desktop.

  • Do you sell document storage supplies?

    Yes, Blue-Pencil can provide boxes and storage supplies. We always maintain a large inventory of file boxes so orders can be filled and shipped immediately. Boxes can also be picked up at our Oakville location.

    Our file storage boxes are:

    • Letter size – 10” x 12” x 15”
    • Easy to assemble
    • Made of durable, heavy duty cardboard for maximum strength and stacking stability
    • Smooth rolled edges and tear resistant, reinforced hand holes protect hands from paper cuts during loading and transport
    • Triple layer ends offer greater strength and stability than economy boxes
    • Lift off locking lid stays in place to secure box contents
    • Large labelling area
    • Strong construction withstands frequent handling
    • Can be used with or without shelving