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Secure Records Storage

Long term off-site document storage continues to be the most widely used service in records management. Most businesses now realize the benefits of outsourcing records storage. They can now take advantage of the valuable space, freed up resources and finances, and dedicate these to other areas of the business.

With Blue-Pencil Information Security, documents can be efficiently stored and managed off-site. We store your records in purpose built facilities where they are expertly handled, secure and easily retrievable. You can organize and pack, label and index your documents yourself or have our professional archiving team help so you can quickly get back to focus on your core competencies.

Security at its best

Our transportation vehicles and records storage facilities are designed with security and manageability as top priority. From the time your business data leaves your hands, it’s protected from improper handling, theft, fire, and espionage. Boxes are scanned at each touchpoint so you always know exactly where they are and once they are securely stored in our facility, they are climate controlled for best preservation, monitored with 24/7 security systems, electronic access and protected from fire and natural disasters with our state-of-the-art fire suppression technology.

Need your documents back? No problem

Our secure records storage facilities have special racking systems and advanced tracking systems to make retrieval very efficient. All boxes are coded and scanned into a specified location. If your business requires more detailed file access, we can also code each file within each box as well to make retrieval very specific.

We can handle next-day, half-day and emergency retrieval and we can also scan your records and send them to you electronically in various digital formats.
You can call us, e-mail or use our online portal system Blue-Pencil+ to request retrievals. With Blue-Pencil+ you can search and locate the records you need and send retrieval requests online.

With Blue-Pencil+, our online portal system you can search and locate the records you need and send retrieval requests online.

Cost-effective solutions

Save money with our low cost document storage solutions. You only pay for each carton that you store with us. In addition, we can help in effectively controlling your storage space cost by managing your document lifecycle. Our team can help build a retention schedule with you or simply indicate when records can safely be destroyed with our secure shredding services to optimize space usage and ensure cost-effective storage and management. All archived documents do require written authorization for permanent destruction when retention period is up.