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Pharmaceutical and Medical Product Destruction

Blue-Pencil provides incineration services for the disposal of pharmaceutical waste to manufacturers, distributors, hospitals, pharmacy retailers and other healthcare providers.

In case of safe disposal of pharmaceutical products, incineration is the destruction method of choice because its high temperatures work to destroy pathogens and toxic contaminations. But it is also the most environmentally friendly option because the destroyed materials are not taking up landfill space; since they are incinerated, they are gone for good, and no longer an environmental liability.

The incineration process, Waste-to-Energy (WtE), is a green energy source whereby the clean burning of solid waste creates electricity without creating any more pollution than the daily emission of 3 automobiles. The benefits of WtE incineration far outweigh placing of destroyed pharmaceutical products into a landfill where they can leach into the groundwater, despite treatment attempts.

  • Completely secure destruction
  • GPS tracked transportation
  • MOE approved carrier
  • Certificate of destruction provided
  • Environmentally-responsible disposal