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Online Image Hosting Services

When you partner with Blue-Pencil Document Imaging & Scanning Solutions, you can benefit from our Online Image Hosting Centre to manage all your digital files. Our secure network ensures that your information is never compromised and at the same time easy to locate and retrieve from virtually anywhere. Your organization has instant access to records from one source, saving you time, money and productivity.

Here are just some of the features of using our Online Image Hosting Centre:

  • Access controlled system so each employee has individual access authorization to information
  • Ability to access digital records from multiple locations by multiple users simultaneously
  • Convenient and fast document retrieval through multiple search capabilities such as department, function, keywords, employee, dates, etc.
  • Print and download options based on user authorization
  • User friendly interface with no software requirements
  • Secure internal network with SSL and encrypted transmission
  • Off-site hosting allows for back-ups, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions

Blue-Pencil’s professionally trained technical support staff are available to answer your questions and deal with your concerns, as well as provide initial training, support materials and videos to assist in the company wide implementation.