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Online Document Management

Blue-Pencil Plus+ online portal allows you to centrally manage your records management program right from your desktop or laptop. Whether you are using long-term document storage, active file management or shredding services, Blue-Pencil Plus+ gives you the control to place service requests, locate records, order copies, run inventory reports and much more.

Effectively manage your program with the following features:

Document Management Centre

When you store your documents in our secure facilities, Blue-Pencil professionals label and code each box or record with a predetermined indexing scheme. Your business determines the level of detail per box or even per file. We enter multiple search criteria, descriptions and keywords and upload it to Blue-Pencil Plus+ for instant user access. You can now log on to the secure portal and locate your files by simply using one or more search criteria. Once the record is located, you can request a physical retrieval, or Blue-Pencil can scan the document(s) and send them electronically.

In addition, Blue-Pencil+ gives your organization the tools to manage your documents in your office. You can order supplies, add new records, enter descriptions, and print labels and barcodes so all your documents and records are managed consistently throughout your organization.

Report Centre

Blue-Pencil Plus+ gives users the ability to run various reports such as: retention period and destruction eligibility reports, inventory reports, account activity and more. The report centre provides visibility to your records management activity and and helps reduce cost by effectively managing space and resources.

Shredding Service

Blue-Pencil Plus+ allows you to centrally manage records from inception to secure destruction. If your retention period is approaching it’s end, alerts are sent through the system, and authorization can be provided to securely destroy this information so you can be sure you are compliant and running an efficient and cost-effective records management system. Alternatively, you can also place requests for document destruction from your inventory of stored documents based on custom criteria.

Employee Centre

Blue-Pencil Plus+ gives your organization a central location for all your records management policies, procedures and training resources. You can upload all relevant documents or use templates provided by Blue-Pencil if you do not have any formal documents in place. Employees can have one place for the most up to date information and perform employee acknowledgement sign offs that changes or new policies have been read for better accountability.

User Access

Access to Blue-Pencil Plus+ is secure and user controlled. Each employee can have custom access rights to ensure visibility to appropriate information.