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Mobile Shredding Prevents Information Leaks – We Come to You

Many shredding service providers are overcharging companies for their service. Blue-Pencil provides an industry-proven mobile shredding service that helps clients remain confidential and efficient. Reduce the risk of leaking confidential product development or client billing details that could irreparably harm your organizational profile. This article will identify ways information leaks can happen, compare mobile and drop-off shredding, and guides readers to identify if your shredding service provider is overcharging you.

Today mobile shredding is capable of destroying paper and digital information at the convenience of your office location, during your office hours. Here is a quick video covering the process of mobile shredding:

“I loved the service I got from Blue-Pencil. Fast, easy and no hidden fees. The technician’s name was Adam H. and he was very polite and professional. I’d definitely use their service again. Highly recommended!”
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Ways Organizational Information is Leaked

Companies do not intentionally release confidential information to perpetrators of identity theft or place their clients and stakeholders at risk. Yet, neglecting to remove sensitive documents that are no longer required for operations poses a risk to all organizations. Here are a number of paths to information leak:

  • Identity theft – client billing information is accessible to people who don’t need it and could potentially use it to perpetrate identity theft.
  • Product details leaked to public – because the timing of a product launch is crucial to ensuring maximum market traction, untimely divulgence of information can be costly.
  • Inadvertent salary disclosure – HR should be aware that salary disclosure of incumbent or incoming staff may cause discomfort amongst the team.
  • Corporate identity theft – perpetrators of corporate identity theft can open up credit accounts under your business to purchase equipment and office supplies, ruining your credit rating and tarnishing your brand.

What is Mobile Shredding, and What Benefits does it Offer?

Mobile or On-site shredding is a service used to safely dispose of information that is no longer required with the added convenience of having security professionals handle your shredding stations at your workplace. Drop-off shredding requires clients to bring their confidential and vulnerable documents to a shredding location for destruction.

Reasons mobile shredding is a must-have for institutions working with confidential information include:

  • Reduces time employees spend transporting and shredding documents
  • Provides added security without exposing sensitive information during transit
  • Provides peace of mind as document destruction occurs immediately
  • Offers flexibility in destroying a variety of information formats, including paper and digital
  • Offers timely and responsive service, because sometimes it isn’t “business as usual”

Blue-Pencil’s mobile shredding adheres to the highest industry standards including NAID. Here is a video from NAID, an industry leader in standards and best practices on information destruction.

mobile shredding unfair feesDon’t get Caught Paying Extra Fees to Big Brand Shredders

These fees are typically levied on customers that were previously with big shredding companies and felt obliged to continue using their services as annual rates increased and additional charges accumulated. Blue-Pencil ensures the best quality of services with competitive costs, without charging any of the following industry fees:

  • Minimum order fees – additional costs for required minimum of boxes or weight of paper to be shredded
  • Administration fees – this is typically a cost incurred by the vendor which is passed on to the clients
  • Fuel surcharges – additional charges for distance of office to shredding depots
  • Annual rate increases without communication – vendors often increase their rates without warning or communication

Despite the additional fees, service is often sometimes interrupted during holidays. Clients often suffer because the vendor fails to communicate holiday and vacation schedules.  Blue-Pencil helps companies reduce risk and unpredictability for success by prioritizing communication.

Blue-Pencil Offers a Cost-Effective Partnership in Information Disposal

Take the risk out of information leaks by allowing Blue-Pencil to offer a risk-free trial and also addressing your concerns. Clients can expect Blue-Pencil to look out for their best interests through regular customer satisfaction surveys, information security training, and regular background checks for on-site staff. These are just some ways in which Blue-Pencil offers best-in-class mobile shredding while ensuring the right services are provided at the right time.


pipeda-compliance-info-destruction-1High standards in information destruction services with NAID AAA and Privacy+ certification
pipeda-compliance-info-destruction-1No hidden or obscure fees on invoices
pipeda-compliance-info-destruction-1Willing to invest in clients who have had poor records management or shredding services experience from competitors
pipeda-compliance-info-destruction-1Training, resources, and support for your staff to become adept at information management
pipeda-compliance-info-destruction-1Big-picture strategy and best practices to help business stay ahead


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