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Secure E-Waste Disposal Solutions

E-Waste consists of, but is not limited to: old computers (PC and mainframe), file servers, monitors, printers, other peripheral IT equipment, telecommunications equipment (land line and cell), photocopying equipment, and audio video equipment (almost anything with an electrical cord). It is considered “E-Waste” when it is either outdated, broken or an OEM (Original Electronic Manufacturer) wants it removed from retail sales because of newer products being introduced.

Secure E-Waste Disposal

Most of your electronic office equipment includes a hard drive which contains organizational proprietary and/or personal information of clients and employees. This is why you must ensure this information is properly removed before the equipment is recycled, resold or donated. Blue-Pencil’s E-Waste Destruction service is your first stop solution to ensure your confidential information is securely destroyed when you choose one of the three disposal options. Our convenient process includes:

  1. Secure transportation of equipment back to our facility
  2. Removal of hard drives by our bonded and screened Information Security Representatives
  3. Physical destruction of hard drives
  4. Management of disposal option

Environment Safe E-Waste Disposal

The rate of generation of electronic scrap in North America is huge. It is estimated that there are approx. 85,000 tonnes of material to be recycled annually in Ontario alone – consider Canada, USA, the world? If this material continues to end up in landfill or in the wrong hands, one can only imagine the long term environmental issues.

Blue-Pencil’s proper disposition of electronic scrap is either manual dismantling or shredding operations. Once the material is downsized then it is put across magnets that remove the steel and aluminum. This material can then be sent directly to mills where it is further processed. The remaining material contains boards and precious metals that need to go to a smelter or refiner to recover the precious metals. Partnering with Blue-Pencil for your E-Waste disposal requirements not only ensures information security but environmentally ethical recycling.