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Document Storage Services Tips

In this article we gather the best document storage service tips online to help you better manage your company’s flow of information by. Blue-Pencil helps clients across Ontario to reap the value of information within their organizations and also to excel at legal compliance: click here for a free audit.

There are many tips for document storage, the best practices gathered here are short listed as follows: train employees in storage security best practices,utilize records retention schedule and document storage provider,use tape when scanning documents,ensure documents are dry before storing, and use recycled storage containers.

Best Document Storage Services Tips

Here is a select list of document storage tips offered by other document storage providers. Though each of these writers offer great tips, their most stand-out point has been chosen and also why their article or page makes the list.


Article Title: 5 Quick Tips for CFOs about Secure Document Sharing: train employees in document storage and security best practices

securedocs page sample

Featured Tip: Train employees in document storage and security best practices. One of the most effective ways to ensure document storage effectiveness is to define a document strategy, and also to have employees champion these objectives to help guard organizations in liabilities or damages to reputation due to mishandling of information.
Why it makes the list: The team at SecureDocs offers a big picture view, not only focusing on tactics of effective storage, but also how to engage and involve individuals with the company through strategy, training, and partnerships.


Article Title Document Storage Essential for Every Company: guard against liability

corodata page sample

Featured Tip: Corodata encourages organizations to ensure that they have a records retention schedule and also a document storage provider to help maintain audit trails in guarding against liability. One of the main reasons for having document storage practices is to ensure legal compliance. Sharing this responsibility with a service provider can provide a simplified business process for your company, and also demonstrates due diligence and commitment to regulations.
Why it makes the list: This article not only lists numerous helpful insights but also serves as a checklist including questions and suggested steps to address gaps identified.

Record Nations

Article Title: Document Scanning Benefits and Tips: use tape when scanning documents

record nations page sample

Featured Tip: The devil is in the details. Stick to using tape when scanning documents like receipts so that adhesives do not overheat or damage scanning equipment when storing documents electronically.
Why it makes the list: Record Nations offers tips for converting physical documents into electronic format, and also provide steps on how companies can get started.


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Article Title: Business Documents Self Storage Tips: ensure documents are dry before storing

xtraspace page sample

Featured Tip: It’s the small things that count as XtraSpace notes: “ensure documents are dry and in good condition before placing them in self-storage; any moisture can result in the growth of mildew or mould”.
Why it makes the list: This entry stands out as it features tips in creating the right document storage room/facility for a business looking to get hands-on. The depth of the material showcases the experience this team has and offers a wealth of ideas for effective document storage preparation.

Document Archiving

Article Title: Getting the most from your document storage – top 5 tips: use recycled storage containers

document archive page sample

Featured Tip: Use recycled storage containers for your documents. Document Archiving notes that not only can this boost your company’s green profile but can actually help stored documents avoid being affected by condensation or damp conditions.
Why it makes the list: Document Archiving offers helpful hints for storing information and choosing a service provider. Their hosted blog is also a great source for other topics relating to document storage.

Blue-Pencil Helps you Identify Quick Wins and Long Term Strategies for Document Management


Though document storage tips are useful, without an overarching document storage strategy an organization may find itself using the same tool to try and unsuccessfully address different challenges. Blue-Pencil excels at providing document storage services and understands how to utilize a full information management framework for sustainable outcomes and continuous improvement.

Blue-Pencil is an information security company that has been serving the needs of clients in Canada since 2004. We have grown our document security business over the past 10 years, serving more than 6,000 organizations including small and medium-sized companies as well as Fortune 500 businesses. We have recently launched two new divisions; Documents Storage and Records Management division and Document Imaging and Scanning Solutions division. This allows us to offer full circle, comprehensive solutions for information security management. We service the GTA and surrounding cities –  click here for a full list of our service areas. If you’d like to learn more about us and what we can do for you contact us today!