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Document Shredding Services Toronto – How to compare providers

Choosing the right shredding service is important as companies can save up to 80% compared to using a conventional shredder. See here how Blue-Pencil can help turn shredding into savings, efficiency, and improved information security. When deciding which document shredding service to engage, make sure to consider legal compliance, security, convenience, and cost efficiency.

One of the main challenges in safeguarding information is to ensure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. An end-to-end records management solution provides secure disposal of information or non-paper products.  Here is a video on how we help commercial and residential clients securely remove digital data.

Get started now by requesting Blue-Pencil’s Information Security Audit to help you identify gaps and opportunities in your information disposal process.

blue pencil does more than shredding paperKnowing How to Choose the Right Shredding Service

With the many shredding services offered in Toronto, it is often difficult to determine which service provider will be the best fit with your organization. Here we discuss 4 factors that every organization should consider when partnering with a shredding a service provider. The primary value of having a shredding service provider is to optimize the organizational outcomes of legal compliance, security, convenience,  and cost efficiency. This will help ensure that your company can unlock the value of having a shredding service provider instead of having employees waste time inefficiently or haphazardly shredding sensitive documents. Having a company that has an operational aptitude in secure destruction is only the beginning. The more important goal is to have an integrated information management strategy that builds a culture of due diligence and information security, impacting every team member.

secure records management solution
1) Legal Compliance

One of the main incentives for having an information disposal service is to demonstrate due diligence in protecting patient or customer information. Having a third party helps you receive quality advice and insight in handling regulatory inspections or information requests. An experienced service provider will also help your team take proactive measures and mature your information stewardship competency. Here are some qualities to look for when considering an organization for its effectiveness in helping you meet compliance:

  • Supports you in creating an information destruction policy: does the provider have an integrated or piecemeal approach to information security?
  • Guides you in establishing an information destruction procedure manual: can the provider help translate high-level policy into actionable procedures?
  • Provides training to your employees on information security best practices: can the provider provide education so that the potential for information leaks are reduced before human error materializes?
  • Helps you find blind spots and inefficiencies in your existing information destruction procedures: can the provider give immediate feedback and recommendations on information management issues?

For information on regulatory requirements in Ontario and how to safeguard your organization, click here.

2) Security

Security is not simply preventing files from being accessed, but rather ensuring that information can be accessed at the right time, place, and by the right individuals. Once information has exhausted its usefulness to an organization it still may pose a risk to the organization’s stakeholders. Organizations are putting themselves at risk by holding on to dated information that has no positive value but which may harm its reputation if divulged. The economics simply do not stack up.  Companies should seek a service provider that can securely dispose of information. Here are some qualities to look for in a shredding service provider:

  • Service provider offers mobile on-site destruction service: can the service provider explain how their team can be efficient and discrete during the process?
  • Service is NAID Certified: is the organization routinely being audited to ensure use of industry best practices in secure information destruction by a subject matter authority?
  • Service provider conducts annual police screens for technicians: can service provider demonstrate police check prior to dispatch?
  • Service provider employs uniformed technicians with photo ID: what security best practices are used to manage staff and client safety?

Get started immediately in protecting your information security and prevent identity and data theft.  See here for more information from a recent article.

3) Convenience

Convenience is not only a hands-off process that can be trusted and guaranteed information disposal but a gateway to greater employee productivity. This is accomplished by diverting employee time spent in front of a shredder to focus on their primary roles. This also has the added benefit of driving greater employee satisfaction by reducing routine administrative tasks like document shredding. When looking at the convenience a shredding service provides, here are some key considerations:

  • Service provider offers security consoles free of charge: what are the costs and allowances for shredding containers?
  • Company provides on-time service guarantee: what are the policies of the provider and what service levels do they provide?
  • Live answer customer service available: is there a live team member you can talk to?

Mobile shredding is a key offering for many organizations wishing to avoid the hassle and vulnerability of transporting sensitive documents from one place to another. A quality service provider helps  your employees do what they do best, rather than diverting their time for routine tasks that can be better served by experts in the field.

4) Cost Efficiency

Some organizations may be surprised to know that they could be saving upwards of 80% by contracting a shredding service provider.  See here for an analysis or use our cost calculator tool on the side menu. Here are some key items to look out for when considering how to get the best service at the best cost:

  • No fuel surcharge: are additional or variable fees are required for shredding at your  location?
  • Efficient high-speed destruction process: what process does the service provider use, and how does it compare to other services?
  • Limits the impact on the environment: how does the end-to-end process limit the environmental footprint, or if recycling, how is paper disposal conducted?


Business and institutional clients continue to make Blue-Pencil their go-to provider for information destruction. Here is what a recent customer had to say about Blue-Pencil:

“I loved the service I got from Blue-Pencil. Fast, easy, and no hidden fees. The technician’s name was Adam H. and he was very polite and professional. I’d definitely use their service again. Highly recommended!” 

– Olga

See here for more reviews.

Must-Have Qualities That Blue-Pencil Offers in Information Destruction Services

Blue-Pencil is an experienced service provider in helping clients remain compliant, competitive, and cost-effective. Clients receive the best-in-class service through how we do things differently:
pipeda-compliance-info-destruction-1High standards in information destruction services, with NAID AAA and Privacy+ certification
pipeda-compliance-info-destruction-1Provides shredding services that are convenient, cost-effective, friendly, and knowledgeable
pipeda-compliance-info-destruction-1Ability to deliver compliance while managing organizational efficiency
pipeda-compliance-info-destruction-1Mobile shredding for documents and electronic devices right at your door step
pipeda-compliance-info-destruction-1Training, resources, and support for your staff to become adept at information management

Blue-Pencil is an information security company that has been serving the needs of commercial and residential clients in Canada since 2004. We have grown our document security business over the past 10 years, serving more than 6,000 organizations, including small and medium-sized companies as well as Fortune 500 businesses. We have recently launched two new divisions: Documents Storage and Records Management division and Document Imaging and Scanning Solutions division. This allows us to offer full spectrum, comprehensive solutions for information security management. We service the GTA and surrounding cities –  click here for a full list of our service areas. If you’d like to learn more about us and what we can do for you, contact us today!