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Data Theft and Data Security – A Summary of 6 Must Read Articles

In this article, we gather the best tips found online to help your company guard against data theft and security issues. These tips include utilizing a cyber security policy, leveraging encryption to protect data in transit, investing in education alongside industry partnerships, utilizing software patching systems, and disposing of digital data.

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Best Tips on Data Security and Guarding Against Data Theft

Here is a select list of data security tips offered by authors from sources around the web that are sure to have takeaways for business owners or residents. Though each of these writers offer a number of great tips in each article, the point with the greatest impact has been highlighted along with why they made the list.

Business news daily article screenshot

Business News Daily

Article Title: Cyber Security: A Small Business Guide
Our Takeaway: Consider cyber insurance
Featured Tip: Cyber insurance is a great way to ensure that business losses resulting from security breaches can be covered and recuperated. As noted by Business News, small businesses often neglect this option, assuming only large enterprises are covered. Having a final contingency will help business owners feel secure as there are always vulnerabilities (although these are reduced by rigorous security practices).
Why it makes the list: The featured post also offers a wealth of other best practices and pitfalls that companies run into when securing their electronic office coupled with illustrations and first-hand experiences.  This written piece offers a sobering and stimulating look into data theft and security.

Inc article screenshot


Article Title How to Prevent Identity Theft in Your Business
Our Takeaway: Leverage encryption technologies for rendering data unintelligible
Featured Tip: Using encryption technologies like Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security can help you secure data moving through networks. This approach provides a way to safeguard data that is in transit from being picked up and interpreted by malicious viewers.
Why it makes the list: Inc. offers general tips and goes further to recommends steps in guarding against identity theft for businesses. We’ve included it here for its focus on end-to-end, recommendation to implementation, approach.

Wired article on data theft, data security


Article Title: The Root of the Problem: How to Prevent Security Breaches:
Our Takeaway: Invest in education and industry partnerships
Featured Tip: Wired hits the target as it identifies that a key gap in data security is education for current staff and upcoming graduates. If staff were properly trained and educated from the get-go, there would be far fewer security vulnerabilities.
Why it makes the list: The tip from Wired not only offers what a company can do, but also helps build greater industry collaboration by partnering with academic institutions on data security needs, while also investing in internships to groom staff on security practices.


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CIO (Chief Information Officer).com

Article Title: 6 Biggest Business Security Risk and How you Can Fight Back
Our Takeaway: Use a patch management program
Featured Tip: The applications used by a company on desktops or servers may have outdated software, leading to security vulnerabilities. CIO suggests utilizing patch management software to track all organization application software versions to ensure high priority applications handling sensitive data can be routinely secured with the latest software update.
Why it makes the list: CIO pens a great article, providing depth and recommended next steps to help organization bolster their data security profile.


Article Title: Dealing with Identity Theft Definitive Guide
Our Takeaway: Don’t use a one size fits all strategy when dealing with an identity theft, there are specific rules and contacts required to ensure the safety of your family and business.
Featured Tip: Getting a credit  freeze or monitoring is a helpful way to manage and curtail identity theft perpetrators. The guide also provides limitations of existing measures and how credit alerts don’t protect individuals or companies on  criminal record theft and medical identity theft.
Why it makes the list: Probably the best looking resource out there on identity theft while also being comprehensive.

Heimdal blog article screenshot on data security

Heimdal Security

Article Title: How to Prevent Identity Theft in 20 Essential Steps
Our Takeaway: Destroy your digital data
Featured Tip: Destroying digital data ensures that companies and individuals are safeguarding their information from being leaked out to malicious individuals. In short, a data leak cannot occur if the data is simply not there to be exposed.
Why it makes the list: Heimdal offers a number of tips and steps to securing personal information, coupled with great questions and actionable steps for helping companies and individuals develop data security habits.

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