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Custom & Special Records Management Services

Blue-Pencil can customize virtually any service when it comes to document management. With our resources, expertise and infrastructure, Blue-Pencil can support the unique needs of your business project.

The following are some of the unique records management services for which we’ve created customized solutions:

Records Management Consulting

Let Blue-Pencil simplify the records management process by allowing our consultants develop appropriate solutions for your organization. Our team of professionals can help develop a document management strategy, build retention schedules for each record class, create policies and procedures, and train employees for on-going compliance and successful management. Similarly, if you already have any type of records management program in place, we can review and assess your current procedures and make recommendations for improvements in cost, security, consistency and efficiency.

File Indexing and Coding Services

Some organizations need detailed indexing and coding. This means that each file within the organization is assigned a barcode that captures important information about the file. Blue-Pencil professionals can design an indexing scheme for your records and perform the data entry in our secure facility. We can create as many search fields as your business requires and create multi-level indexing for numerous departments and classes of information – all to make it easier to find what you need quickly. All data is uploaded to the Blue-Pencil Plus+ online portal so you can search, locate and request files right from your desktop.

Access to Blue-Pencil+ is controlled and only available to authorized personnel.

Backfile Scanning Services

Our backfile scanning services convert all your records into a searchable digital format. Electronic document management offers many benefits including reduced costs and improved efficiencies with instant access to information. With backfile scanning, our experts will organize and sort your records, prepare them for scanning to ensure proper scanning conditions for each document, and then perform the high volume scan. After the digital scan is complete, each record undergoes a quality control process for readability and clarity. We then index your e-files and tag them with appropriate keywords and descriptions and make them accessible through our online image hosting program.

Secure Document Destruction Services

In an effort to effectively control your document lifecycle and reduce cost, Blue-Pencil provides secure document destruction services. Our team can help build a retention schedule with you or you can simply indicate when records can safely be destroyed on an ad-hoc basis with our secure shredding services. This optimizes space usage and ensures cost-effective storage and management.

All stored documents that are scheduled for destruction require written authorization before the shredding service is executed.