Re-assurance for our customers

What we are doing to make sure we are operating safely

To say we are living in a time of unprecedented change has become an understatement. It’s an anxious time for all Canadians as the way we interact, work, shop and do almost everything else has been dramatically altered.

First, I want to reassure you that in every decision we are making around COVID-19, our number one priority is the health and safety of our employees and clients.

Safety, support and social distancing:

Security: The security and integrity of client information will continue to be a top priority. The usual high standard of care Blue-Pencil Information Security provides will remain unchanged.

Document Security: With many employees now working remotely, it is important that employees follow the same document destruction protocols at home as they do in the office. Clients should consider providing instructions for remote employees to safeguard any information to be retained, as well as the instructions and means to properly destroy information that is no longer needed.

Safety: We have implemented explicit policies, instruction, and training to minimize the need for interaction. This includes our employees adhering to the following:

  • Not reporting for work should they feel any symptoms, including but not limited to fever, cough, difficulty breathing, headaches, or muscle aches.
  • Declaring their fitness for duty each day upon arrival at work, which is also subject to supervisor evaluation.
  • Frequent washing and sanitizing of hands
  • Mandatory wearing of face masks
  • Frequent sanitizing of trucks, equipment and frequently touched/ high traffic areas areas
  • Maintaining a safe distance between customers and eliminating or minimizing the need to exchange paperwork or writing instruments during service.
  • Our technicians will no longer ask clients to sign our handheld computers.
  • If a customer requests Blue-Pencil technicians to not enter their space, the customer can bring us their bags or bins of material for shredding. We will then complete the service and return the bin or bag to the client at the entrance.
  • Maintaining all existing policies related to data security, including authorized access to records and media already transferred to employees’ custody
  • Non-essential employees will work from home until further notice. Those working remotely are required to take home a security collection container to hold sensitive information before it can be destroyed.
  • Ongoing Customer screening through our mutual COVID19 commitment. We ask that our customers agree to cancel a scheduled service, if on the day of service anyone in their office or residence is experiencing any symptoms, and/or had close contact with someone with a confirmed or probable COVID-19 case.

Questions & Comments
If you have questions regarding your service, please contact Customer Service at or call 905-847-2583. Blue-Pencil Information Security will continue to do its best to promptly address all inquiries and instructions.

Thank you for being a valued customer,

Mario Skopek

President, Blue-Pencil Information Security