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Active File Management

If your business requires access to files and documents on a frequent basis, Blue-Pencil can set up an Active File Management program with you. Frequently accessed files are stored either on an open shelf or box, in a designated area, where it makes information access almost instant. Our team of professionals will perform a thorough assessment of your business processes and information management, define a strategy and develop a customized active file solution. Once that is complete, all files and/or documents are indexed and coded to make retrieval and re-filing efficient and easy.

With Active File Management program, you can have the peace of mind that your records will not be misplaced, be exposed to unauthorized access or uncomfortable delays trying to access them. The end result is reduced cost and response time.

Managing your Active Files On-Site

You can choose from managing your Active Files on-site or off-site. With on-site program, our file management experts can help you get your “active file area” in order and then train your staff to ensure compliance and successful management. Our experts are also available to maintain and manage this area on an ongoing basis if needed.

Managing your Active Files Off-Site

More and more companies are moving the complexity of Active File management out of their office. With off-site active file management, you can economize on space, resources and cost and trust Blue-Pencil to manage your information securely. Off-site option allows you to take advantage of our expertise, resources and infrastructure. Retrieval of documents can often be done much faster than with an on-site active file room.

Clients can request retrieval through phone, email or utilize Blue-Pencil+ to search for files using the barcode number, internal cross reference number or in cases when file description have been entered into the database, a full description for each item.

Access to your files off-site can be done through:

  • Secure retrieval and physical delivery (same day, next day, custom)
  • Secure retrieval and digital delivery (scanned, faxed or e-mail)

In addition, we can help in effectively controlling your document lifecycle. Simply schedule when records should move from active file to secure long term storage or secure destructionto optimize space usage and ensure cost-effective storage and management.